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Tekzilla feeds your tech hunger! Patrick Norton and Shannon Morse bring you hands on reviews of the latest gear, tips and tricks that improve the tech you already own and conversations with the most informative experts around.

Patrick goes over the basics of replacing a projector bulb.
Ever get sick of being able to see one app at a time on your phone or tablet? Watch today's Tekzilla Bite!
Apple's World Wide Developers Conference: OS X Yosemite, iOS 8, a new programming language called SWIFT, and thousands of new APIs for developers!
Shannon's got her favorite announcements from Apple's WWDC 2014 keynote.
Who said you have to play by the rules on social media sites? Cheat at Vine by uploading any video you want!
Even though watching Netflix and Hulu on the XBox no longer requires Live Gold, you should NOT buy the Xbox for streaming. Watch the video to find out why.
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You're gonna love 4K gaming, heck, we love 4K for our work desktop... find out why when we look at the Asus PQ321 4K monitor and Puget Systems Deluge XL gaming PC.
Through the PC Settings app, you have the ability to customize many items to your needs, including the lock screen, default apps, and account information.
Patrick got hands on with a full-on 4K gaming setup.
Unlock your true potential with this Android app.
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Get rid of the clutter behind your HD setup! Learn about some great products to help hide your home theater setup.
Wouldn't it be great if you could customize Chrome's new tab page so it was prettier and more useful? The X New Tab Page extension does just that!
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We take a look at the Dell XPS 13 2014 edition
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