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The 404 Show is CNET's longest-running podcast of all time. Now hosted by Jeff Bakalar and Russ Frushtick, The 404 Show is a pop-culture and tech mix covering movies, comics, video games and more. Tune in every Friday as Jeff and Russ welcome a wide variety of engaging guests for compelling conversations that can't be found anywhere else.

After 10 years of podcasting, The 404 Show says goodbye.


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Older Episodes

Russ and Jeff record the last regular version of the show discussing the reviews of the new Apple Watch, iPhone 8, what to expect from the iPhone X and whether or not Nintendo will make enough SNES Classic Editions for everyone.
It's Shanon Cook's last show, so we take a trip down memory lane with our favorite music from the 90s.
Ben Fox Rubin makes his final appearance on the show to discuss the Equifax hack, iPhone 8 speculation and some other personal matters.
Steve Guttenberg briefly lands on our planet to discuss solar eclipse reviews, his new YouTube channel, aliens and more.
Waypoint's Austin Walker talks with Jeff about what it's like creating Vice's guide to gaming from the ground up, the culture shock of appearing on TV, visions of solar eclipses and the future.
We'll try not to look directly at the sun with Ben Fox Rubin on today's episode, but we will be discussing HBO's hack and a CNET feature on sex robots and A.I.
Today's throwback recalls the first time we'd ever heard the word "bitcoin."
Ben Fox Rubin is back at it with a great billionaire discussion about Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and others. We'll also solve some serious nerd math, defend fidget spinners and tell you which retro consoles aren't worth buying.
TV Guide's Sadie Gennis helps us pick apart the new Bright Netflix movie trailer, cuts deep on Game of Thrones theory and discusses whether or not we're living in a comic book hell zone.
Giant Bomb's Vinny Caravella is here to talk about the future of VR, getting trapped in an ATM machine and a microscopic animal that's actually the most resilient living thing on the planet.
Please enjoy a very special rebroadcasting of our Justin Yu farewell episode.
An old friend stops by the studio to talk about Super NES Classic hysteria and how to find one. Plus, a story of sweet, sweet relief.
Who else better to talk about Amazon's jaw-dropping purchase of Whole Foods than the man who covers the company for CNET? Ben Fox Rubin is back to share his thoughts on the deal and sticks around long enough to get an E3 2017 debriefing.
A benchmark for "futuristic" sci-fi, 2002's "Minority Report" is still a wild ride. But how does it hold up?
Today Jeff and Russ welcome their office friend Lisa to the show to discuss Trader Joe's and what it's like to be online dating in 2017.
Jeff's vacation continues, so Russ continues hosting duties! This week we've got CNET editor Dan Ackerman to talk about his new book, "The Tetris Effect." We've also got exploding Galaxy Notes and Pokemon Go Plus!
With Jeff out, Russ Frushtick takes charge of hosting and attempts to tackle all of the insane tech news of the week. Joining him is special guest Chris Plante, senior editor at The Verge.
2014's Podcaster of the Year Justin Yu is back with us to welcome home Russ Frushtick, who recently returned from a honeymoon in Iceland. We'll discuss his adventures there, what it's like to be a skinny dude, the Note 7 recall, and the death of Gene Wilder.
Giant Bomb's Vinny Caravella talks with Jeff about Proxima b, how hard it is to actually unsubscribe from certain email lists and what Uber's $1.27 billion loss means for the future of the shared economy.