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Listen to your hosts Dave Jones & Chris Gammell talk about electronics design and the electronics industry in general. If you have any interest in electronics at all, from hobbyist/hacker/maker to engineering professional you'll find something of interest here.

Brock LaMeres, a professor at Montana State University, joins Chris to talk about distance learning, embedded systems, designing redundant processors for space missions, engineering education, and lots more!


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Older Episodes

496 #496 – Drab Olive June 15, 2020
This week Dave and Chris discuss determination, connectors, signal analyzers, insecure components, new designs, and the future of universities.
Eric Klein of Lemnos Labs--a hardware focused venture capital firm based in San Francisco--joins Chris to talk about the future of hardware investing and exciting new opportunities for hardware startups.
494 #494 – The Two Person Rule June 1, 2020
This week on the show, Dave and Chris discuss troubleshooting and the sense of relief when you find the true problem. Also the importance of PCB stackups, working on high cost projects, working with small teams, vintage technology, and much more!
493 #493 – PITA Package May 17, 2020
This week Dave and Chris discuss eWaste, small pitch soldering, microscopes, low cost components, programming micros, cellular modems and much more!
A second episode devoted to electronics design consulting. It features consultants Alex Klimaj, Jeremiah Gillis, Kieran O'Leary and (host) Chris Gammell.
This week Dave and Chris discuss funding hardware companies, connectors, how to teach electronics by talking about current, LED characteristics, modularity, arcade games and a lot more!
Ben Heckendorn AKA Ben Heck joins Dave to talk about gaming, building pinball machines, speaking at Maker Faire and building things every week for many years for The Ben Heck Show YouTube channel.
Jack Ganssle returns to The Amp Hour 8.5 years later to follow up on how microcontrollers and embedded programming has changed and to talk about some of his favorite tools for building great firmware.
488 #488 – Sowing Discord April 13, 2020
This week Dave and Chris discuss (from lockdown), repairing devices, part storage at home, our new Discord for patrons, virtual meetups, capacitor requirements and much more!
This week Kerry Scharfglass (@borgel) joins Chris to talk about designing consumer electronics and how things change as you move towards smaller companies. Also #Badgelife, war games with hardware, KiCad, creating solar infrastructure and more!
Dave and Chris discuss working within the confines of the home, how batteries change over time, changing to lead free reflow processes, the variety of power supply topologies and much more!
John Day is a technical fellow and one of the top FAEs at Microchip. He has spent over 25 years working in various parts of the business and helping their customers design devices for the automotive, commercial, and industrial sectors (and many more!
484 #484 – Man Behind The Curtain March 16, 2020
This week Dave and Chris talk about carrying your lab with you because of Coronavirus, conferences going online, parts lists out of Shenzhen, EVs in Australia and more!
Adrian Tang, the lead CMOS designer at JPL, joins Chris to talk about designing extremely high frequency devices, for both space and terrestrial operations. These are used to detect water and other chemical compounds throughout the cosmos.
482 #482 – Shine A Light March 2, 2020
This week Dave and Chris talk about product design, scanning JTAG boundary chains, highly integrated SOMs, chip errata and more!
Paul Thompson, CEO of Pakton Technology, talks with Dave about building electric fence controllers, including how to generate high voltages, dealing with lightning and how to ensure safety using microcontrollers.
Ben Krasnow returns to The Amp Hour after 8 years, hundreds of hours of YouTube content, a couple of high profile jobs at Valve and GoogleX/Verily and many MANY hours spent in the lab. He chats with Chris about how he approaches learning and working on...
Chris (Gammell) talks with Elecia and Chris (White) from It's a crossover show called Ampbedded! This episode covers learning methodology when doing self study and the surprising aspects of learning firmware.
478 #478 – Optimization Beast Feb. 10, 2020
This week Dave and Chris discuss the impact of engineers passing away, the time spent doing different electronics design tasks, new rocket types, a new KiCon being held at CERN and much more!