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Need some inspiration for your digital strategy or website, but don't have time for reading endless posts? Struggling to keep up with the latest innovations in web design, user experience and service design? These bite- sized digital insights from UX designer and consultant Paul Boag will keep you up-to-date. Typically only a few minutes long they are ideal listening when on the move.

Each episode of Digital Insights is based on the articles of Paul Boag. To read the post related to this post go to:


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Older Episodes

If you are looking for a clear answer to the questions in the title, then you aren't going to find them. It's complicated as I discuss in this article!
Website content creation is the single most crucial task in any site redesign. Yet too often it is approached in the wrong way. This video will give you ten steps to ensure compelling content.
Competitive benchmarking is a well-established business tool for understanding a market. However, it offers opportunities to us as digital professionals too.
You will read a lot of advice about how to get web design clients. But, much of it is too time-consuming if you don’t have a dedicated sales team. So let’s explore a better way.
One of the biggest frustrations for both client and web designer is getting accurate pricing. In this post, I want to break down the problem and propose a solution.
Buckle up and enjoy my rant about every terrible UI design decision I regularly see on bad websites. It's not going to be pretty.
Going from being actively involved in digital projects to taking on a role in digital leadership can be a difficult transition. In this post, I help bring focus to your new role.
There are many factors influencing consumer behaviour, but there are six that should remain in the front of your mind as you encourage people to act.
Having a clearly articulated set of user interface design principles will make you a better designer, not constrain your creativity.
While there has been a massive evolution in most parts of the web, B2B websites continue to be little more than online brochures. In this post, we explore their full potential.
Once you have addressed the obvious issues on your website, it is time to develop a process for long-term optimisation.
Designers have embraced UX workshops as a way of fostering collaboration and creative thinking. But in a world of self-isolation and remote working, we will need to adapt.
Confused by the term service design? Wondering how it relates to customer experience or user experience design? In this post, I attempt to bring some clarity.
Many rely too heavily on quantitative research because qualitative seems too hard. In this post, I introduce you to 5 types of qualitative research that are easy to implement.
There is no shortage of evidence proving the value of design. But explaining that to a boss or client can be tricky. This post will help.
Looking at other people's homepages for inspiration doesn't lead to a successful homepage design. You need to understand the principles that underpin them.
Can I tell you a little story of my idiocy? We all make stupid mistakes sometimes, and I am no exception. Neither are your users, and we need to be prepared for that, as my story demonstrates.
You know you need a UX strategy, but what should that include? Here are five essential components for any successful UX strategy.
Conversion rate optimisation, or CRO marketing, as it is also known, is a complex discipline. However, there is one fundamental choice that will determine the entire approach you adopt.