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John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, fully-qualified Grand Masters of Satirical Jabber, bridge the watery rift through the healing medium of topical podcastery.

There is no news other than the royal wedding


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Older Episodes

So beyond Libya, what else is happening?
After 3 weeks away, Andy and John return to no change - Libya is still crazy, Japan toxic, and Belgians have waffles
Andy changes comedy, in Bangladesh
It's a week off, but Andy found the time to play 2 nights in a comedy club in Dhaka
The big fight is on - in the blue corner we have Gaddafi, Al Qaeda and Donald Trump... and in the red corner it's tectonic plates, wind and waves. Let battle commence!
Another worst off
The Catholic church is to tell the world that Jewish people weren't responsible for the death of Jesus. Also, Colonel Gaddafi struggles to understand the word 'responsible', especially when sandwiched between 'I am' and 'for really bad things'
Gaddafi blows things up, Mugabe blows out candles and Berlusconi, er, oh yeah.
Andy is on a plane. John isn't. Here's some stuff they said about the news recently
Little Hosni finally steps down - what next?
Andy and John discuss further troubles in Egypt and the various shockwaves, involving the US,Iran and clothing stores
As Egypt erupts into chaos, Andy and John discover they may have played a part in the uprising
John and Andy discuss Tunisian unrest, the smell of Lithuania and musical ties
Sudan splits in 2, Belgium considers the same and wizards on trial. Plus, Chris brings back a message of good will from Australia
Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver return for 2011 with news of bird-raining apocalypse, the glorious Ashes victory, and a certain someone makes their return
Andy Zaltzman walks us through the year in Bugle, a year which was mostly known as '2010'
A Christmas treat - the second half of some classic 2005 Zaltzman and Oliver
Andy and John bring in the seasonal cheer
Andy and John celebrate Crazies from around the world. Then John leaves