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John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, fully-qualified Grand Masters of Satirical Jabber, bridge the watery rift through the healing medium of topical podcastery.

It's a Nuclear Oblivion special!
The Republican big guns begin battle, and the US develops crazy new weapons
The other half of everthing that happened in 2011
Half of everything that happened in 2011
Holding it in, and letting rip
Russia, the eurozone & polar bears
Plus, three strikes and you're out, of work
Give thanks for these juicy cuts
Andy and John give democracy the once over
Another one bites the dust. Who next?
Not the Eurozone, but Andy's puns. Save us.
The Bugle welcomes the 7 billionth person & a certain book reading returns
Andy and John bid farewell to a despot extraordinaire as Colonel Gaddafi's commendable game of hide and seek draws to a close
The Bugle is 4 years old!
Ahmadinejad's best Bugle bits, part 1
Andy and John on Italy's top dog
Italians deal with another week under the Duke of Bang
Some more of Andy and John in Edinburgh
So good, it nearly made it.