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John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, fully-qualified Grand Masters of Satirical Jabber, bridge the watery rift through the healing medium of topical podcastery.

Features flight fatigue and mirth.
Andy and John, back together, with one last show for Colonel Gaddafi
Brutal Syria, and other news not related to Republican conferences
Riots in the UK, rot in America
Do not listen to this show. It is offal
The US Debt and the shambolic efforts from politicians to reach a deal.
Plus, it's a 'stupid' special, with stupid buildings and arguements focus.
Plus, the US has a few budgeting issues, Andy has some tickets to flog and Stantanio returns.
Rockets, and going out with a bang
Better than bad, worse that great.
Andy and John focus on protests in Greece, the UK and Canada.
Andy & John review the latest happenings in Syria, Yemen and Libya.
Also, Australia feel their vocabulary curbed
plus, it's a bad year for bad men
Plus, the Queen in Ireland and Trump bows out
Libya, Syria and the wine wars
Not a single reference to the Welsh Assembly Elections
Royal nuptials, Eau de Trump, and Apathetic Voters
Libywho? AVwhat? Fukashimwhy?