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John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, fully-qualified Grand Masters of Satirical Jabber, bridge the watery rift through the healing medium of topical podcastery.

There is no news other than the royal wedding
Israel, Syria, Dubai and Russian wang-art
Libya, Belgium and failed US democracy
Jokes about politics, and cricket
Bugle style belly laughs from Bangladesh
Andy and John test two terrible entities
Special clips just for you
Catholics, Gaddafi and the England cricket team
Gaddafi blows things up, Mugabe blows out candles and Berlusconi, er, yeah.
Old news is good news, or sometimes bad
It started with a Bugle
Plus, man fails to shoot elephant
Sudan, Tunisia, Egypt, where next?
Presidents wife attempts small deposit
Get the lawyers in. And the militias
John and Andy have a certain someone on the podcast
365.25 days, condensed into 41m 28s
May it be noted that Andy has left the stage as this second half begins
A Christmas treat - the second half of some classic 2005 Zaltzman and Oliver
Christmas, without the Chris bit