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John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman, fully-qualified Grand Masters of Satirical Jabber, bridge the watery rift through the healing medium of topical podcastery.

Crazies, we salute you
Wikileaks and FIFA, secrets and lies
Like a mug, but soundier
John and Andy drag themselves through the mire
No Bugle, but here's a bonus extra!
Well, some of it's funny.
Britain on the ropes
Bugle Birthday Bonanza
John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman celebrate 3 years of audio gold as the Chilean miners resurface, a Philly protester makes wang history, and we learn the dangers of a lunchtime sherry sup
Tennessee Fire Racket
Leaders Special!
Ahmadinejad 'stars' in New York
Drink like a budgie and howl at a Messerschmitt
Any change for Pakistan?
Andy and John take it to Brazil
Britain tightens belt...and immediately considers buying new trousers
Bits you might remember
Zaltzman and Oliver from the past