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This week we caught up with Zeke Sikelianos to talk about GitHub's Electron project and the future of web folks making cross platform desktop apps. We talked about the web revolution around native vs web app, where Electron is heading, who's using it, and how cool it is to enable folks like Guillermo Rauch to build HyperTerm.


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Older Episodes

This week we talked with David A. Wheeler from the Core Infrastructure Initiative about the CII Best Practices Badge program. We talked about the purpose of the program, how you get certified, why you should get certified, and the best practices criteria.
This week we talked with startup founder and developer Julian Shapiro about his story of entrepreneurship, open source, growth hacking, and more. Julian's story is a story you don't want to miss.
This week Adam went solo and talked with Guillermo Rauch about how he got into programming, how that lead him to what he's doing now at ZEIT, the design of HyperTerm, now, and so much more.
We talked with Peter Hedenskog about and web performance. We covered where it came from, where it's going, and more importantly, simple ways you can focus on your web performance.
This week we've got a big show with James Pearce, Head of Open Source at Facebook to talk about that very subject -- open source at Facebook.
This week we talked to Alan Shreve, the creator of the beloved ngrok. We talked about; what it is, why it exists, why he wrote it in Go, and ultimately why 1.0 is open source, but 2.0 is not.
This week's show was produced in collaboration with GitHub and Google to announce a big expansion to GitHub's public dataset on BigQuery.
On this episode we catch up with José Valim and Chris McCord to talk all about how they're advancing the state of the art in the Elixir community with the releases of Ecto 2.0 and Phoenix 1.2.
This week we talked with Dustin Kirkland about Ubuntu, the most widely used flavor of Linux. We talked about the rise of Ubuntu, Ubuntu being everywhere, their collaboration with Microsoft to bring Bash to Windows, and more.
This week on the show we talk with Parham Doustdar, a blind programmer. We talked about the advantages of being a blind programmer, the tools he uses, quitting school, carving your own path, and more.
This show is, and forever will be, a very special show for us. In this show we talked with Pieter Hintjens, creator of ZeroMQ and The Collective Code Construction Contract (C4), writer of many books and protocols, and more.
In this show we talk with Juan Benet, one of the developers behind IPFS -- the InterPlanetary File System, a new peer-to-peer hypermedia distribution protocol, addressed by content and identities.
Our guests this week are Sara Chipps, the creator of Jewelbots, and George Stocker, the VP of Engineering at Jewelbots.
Big show this week -- we caught up with Matz, the creator of Ruby to discuss the origins of the Ruby programming language, its history and future, Ruby 3.0, Concurrency and Parallelism, Streem, Erlang, Elixir, and more.
201 201: SQLite with Richard Hipp April 30, 2016
This week we talked with Richard Hipp, the creator of SQLite, about its history, where it came from, why it succeeded as a database, how it's development is sustainably funded, and how it's the most widely deployed database engine in the world.
Our guest this week is Raquel Vélez, aka Rockbot -- we talked about where she came from, how she got into programming with JavaScript, her passion for robots and mechanical engineering, the culture of npm, and more.
Jerod went solo on this show to talk with Andrew Cantino about Huginn, a system for building agents that perform automated tasks for you online. They can read the web, watch for events, and take actions on your behalf.
We talked with Chris Allen and Julie Moronuki about Haskell, their book, learning to program, their book writing process, and more!
This week we're joined by Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress and the CEO of Automattic.