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Glen Kealey was something of an anti-government folk hero back in the late 80s. For some, an amusing footnote in 80s Canadian politics. He's the man who pressed private criminal charges on Brian Mulroney. Kealey has returned but with a different story, one independent investigator of all things bizarre and frequent Monster Talk guest Jerry Drake has come on to talk about. Or aboot.


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Stephen Barnes has released a conspiracy themed trivia game called Conspiracy Theory: Trivia Board Game. It's an amazingly fun game and, if I can put in a plug, is a great Father's Day present for that hard-to-buy-for father. It's available on both Amazon and Amazon Canada. It's certainly a game ...
Wes Brown is a fellow fan of the Monster Talk podcast. He comes on to make the point before 2016 conspiracy theories were just a kind of fun. They're not so fun anymore when people in power now base policy on them. We have a wide ranging discussion of conspiracy ...
What if The Demon-Haunted World was written as madcap comedy novel? Eric Bickernicks, along with his covivant Jan Brady, has written a book about UFOs, conspiracy theories, Bigfoot, and pretty much everything else from a skeptical POV... all in the form of a comedic narrative. It's a fun read, a ...
James Scott Berdahl is a geologist working in Vancouver and points between there and Whitehorse in the Yukon. While researching my eventual book on Canadian conspiracies, I ran across a 2008 MA thesis by Berdahl on a meteor that smacked into Canada's Yukon and some of the conspiracy thinking that ...
Jeb Card is cohost of an amazing podcast called Archeological Fantasies. This podcast will change the way you think. If you spend a lot of time watching Ancient Aliens and go "what the actual fuck?", Archeological Fantasies is the perfect podcast for you. Jeb comes on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk ...
Back from the dead. Sort of. This is an early July 4 Conspiracy Skeptic podcast for my American friends about to hit the road or airline security line. I've been working on a book about Canadian conspiracy theories, written specifically for an American audience. This is a sample chapter. I'm ...
Nigel St. Whitehall returns to lend his knowledge as a historian, loyal party member, and lawyer to discuss how hard it is to actually rig the US electoral system. He also reveals he's cohosting a new podcast.
Dr. Karen Stollznow, host of Monster Talk and one of the greatest all around skeptic working today, joins the Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about some surprising conspiracies people of the Land Down Under have cooked up in the last few decades.
Carrie Poppy from the Oh No Ross and Carrie podcast is on to talk about a supposed conspiracy of silence around the Black Dhalia Murder. As well we talk about her amazing podcast.
Dr. David D. Perlmutter is a professor at and Dean of the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University. He's on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about how images are used and misused in history and politics.
Wesley Bonetti is co-host of the Atheist Nomads podcast. He's also a member of the Satanic Temple. He comes on the podcast to talk about what Satanists are really about. Spoiler: they're not kidnapping babies.
James K Lambert is a documentary film maker and he's recently released a documentary about JFK Conspiracy types call Conspiracy Theorists Lie. He stops in to this podcast to talk about his documentary, the JFK conspiracy theory, and ruminates on why conspiracy theorists think the way they think.
Rich Orman, formerly of Dogma Free American and now host of Supreme Court Briefing podcast, comes on Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about his experience as a DA prosecuting the 2012 Colorado mass shooting and the despicable conspiracy theories that formed after the killing.
Dr. Stu is back to talk about participating in the New Horizons mission to Pluto and various conspiracies.
A real, live Freemason, Blake Oates, turns up to clear things up about Freemasonry.
Kyle Polich of the Data Skeptic Podcast comes on to talk about The Bible Code.
James Foley, the Skeptical Vegan, joins Conspiracy Skeptic to talk about the Waco Siege and its implications
Dr. Stuart Robbins, "Stu" to just me, is back to talk about another end of the world prophesy. Do bad things happen when there are four blood moons in a row that fall on Jewish holidays?
Elder Karl Mamer and Elder Neil Croll talk about bitcoin. Does it have legs? Is the government out to crush it? How much snow would we walk through to earn one bitcoin in 1987?