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by Andrew Horowitz, CFP and guests Frank Curzio, Harry Dent, Ben Hunt, Barry Ritholtz, Jim Rogers. TDI ( · · · · 31 subscribers

The Disciplined Investor is all about you, your money and the markets. We will discuss the most relevant topics that are affecting your money and look for good planning ideas. Stocks and markets will be covered and we will take your questions from email. Guests too! Listen in today.

What is going on with Central Bankers? They must all be drinking from the same teacup. In this episode we take a look at some opportunities in the oil patch as well as the fallout from the ECB's "QE" program. Great stuff !
In this episode we discuss the chaos in the currency markets as well as the potential change of trend for Oil. Markets down 3 weeks now but ended this week firmer into a long weekend. What did the Swiss National Bank Know? - Also,
In this episode we step back and look at the very basics of investing in the stock market. We answer the questions of: What is the stock market? How to invest? What makes up an index? And much more... -
In this episode we discuss the potential for the U.S. as an economic oasis as well as some of the key areas to watch over the near-term. Russia, China, Japan and Europe are all explored. - We also talk about 5 tips to make your investing more successf...
In this short episode we explore the high cost of low inflation and some interesting observations from my recent cruise. Also, the market's best friend (Central Banks) are still at it - what will be the global implications of more stimulus? - Stocks,
Guest Blain Reinkensmeyer explains the new Ticker.Tv and how this is a great collaboration and learning tool. We discuss how to review your trades (after the fact) as well as some other learning tools available to investors. -
Guest Chris Martenson and Andrew discuss some of the important aspects of monetization of debt, the world economic climate as well as what peak prosperity really means. We also spend some time on GoPro (GPRO) wondering if it is a "have to have " item ...
In this episode we cover some of the reasons for oils recent decline and the dangerous game that is being played by OPEC. We cover some of the stocks that should be watched closely as well as the outlook for markets. Also in this episode,
Guest Jon Markman explores historic references related to the current political environment as well as a projection of the market's potential. We discuss some of his favorite stocks as well as sectors to watch. -
Guest: Kevin White discusses real estate and other vital economic factors. We discuss some of the stocks that were mentioned last week with Frank Curzio as well as some of the stocks that may react with the latest Ebola news. Also,
Guest: Frank Curzio, one of the top 3 listener's favorite joins us to discuss the markets as well as to reveal some interesting items that we get the scoop on. Lots happening in Frank's world these days. -
Guest: Fausto Pugliese from CyberTrading University helps us better understand the concept and rules of day-trading. We discuss how to earn a day's pay, traps, finding the right stock and other important rules of the road. - Also in this episode,
Guest: Satyajit Das explains what is going on around the world markets and gives us a behind the scenes look as to why this correction is occurring. We also explore the real options for the EuroZone, metals and commodities.
Guest: Frank Curzio from Stansberry Research helps us to understand more about buybacks, dividends and markets. We discuss dozens of stocks, the AT&T; (T) deal as well as Frank's take on Apple's (AAPL) buy of Beats.
Drugs and Prostitution revenue being added back to Italy's GDP, Low volume, The Vix at 11.50, the S&P; 500 at a record - Something does not add up. We discuss the meaning of low volume up days and high volume down days as well as money flows into and ou...
This week we dig into some of the essence of risk and reward. What will be the right direction to be over the next 3-6 months and when to hedge, what to hedge and why to hedge. We are seeing a very mixed up market - what to make of …
ARE YOUR KIDDING? We look at the ridiculous turn that Jim Cramer has with regard to Alibaba as well as some of the recent moves in the markets. Stocks to buy and stocks to sell are discussed and much more.. -
Guest: Harry Dent discusses his views on the price direction of gold and the markets. We explore the emerging markets as well as the real estate bubble that is forming. - Will gold crash and when? What will be the result of companies buying back so mu...
Guest: Jon Markman discusses the potential for the markets to see a correction based on several factors. We also discuss the intrinsic value calculation for a few popular stocks like Coca-Cola (KO) and Netflix (NFLX). -
The wealth effect is starting to show little benefit to spending. Looking at spending without the Wealth Effect benefits, we are seeing a rather bleak outlook for spending which makes up a rather large piece of the overall U.S. economic activity. -