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by Andrew Horowitz, CFP and guests Frank Curzio, Harry Dent, Ben Hunt, Barry Ritholtz, Jim Rogers. TDI ( · · · · 31 subscribers

The Disciplined Investor is all about you, your money and the markets. We will discuss the most relevant topics that are affecting your money and look for good planning ideas. Stocks and markets will be covered and we will take your questions from email. Guests too! Listen in today.

The market swoon may not only be a simple technical breach. We look at the potential fallout from Michael Lewis's book on HFT as well as the important earnings reports that will be hitting this week. - We also spend some time on figuring out whether o...
We last spoke to our guest Satyajit Das in December and at that time we had a conversation about the emerging problems in the emerging nations. The USD was rising and what we should expect. Now we discuss the next areas of concern,
In this episode we look at the warnings signs that the market is giving us. Some of the MOMO names are clearly being sold along with last year's winners. The rotation is becoming more apparent and we go through how that may play out.
Guest: Jack Schwager tells us some of the important lessons that he learns from top traders. His latest book is a delight and a great way for anyone looking to understand the ways of successful investing from the top traders of our time.
Guest: Robert Wiedemer brings us some very interesting thoughts on why this is a "fake" recovery. Fake? Yup - that is what he says. We spar on that for a bit and then get down to the next aftershock from his perspective. Overall Mr.
Take 2! This did not seem to publish correctly last week....In this episode we discuss why the problems in the Ukraine are causing markets to swoosh lower. The problem may not appear to be simply an uprising and often times it is the little things that...
Guest: Howard Lindzon doesn't hold back when he tells us his thoughts on the industry and the players. We discuss StockTwits as well as some of his favorite stock ideas and strategies. It is a light week for eco,
Guest: Blain Reinkensmeyer from takes us through the recently published 2014 results. There is some great information available in this study/ranking. We also take a look at some tools that are available on the Stocktradingtogo site.
Guest: Charles Biderman, TrimTabs discusses why buying stocks with shrinking float is a good way to beat the markets. We discuss buybacks and other methods companies are using to take shares out circulation.
Guest: Dennis Gartman provides us with some interesting commentary on the Yen, precious metals as well as the markets. How is he positioning and what makes sense with the current trend. We also look a bit closer at the recent jobs report as well as som...
Guest, Jon Markman discusses the how the market's performance in January can foreshadow the rest of the year. Is there any truth to the common wisdom of : "As goes January......"? We also talk about some of his favorite picks for 2014. Gold,
Larry Williams is our guest in this episode and he is one great expert on the areas of markets. We talk about futures trading, commitment of traders reports and his outlook for the short- and long-term for markets. -
In this episode we cover several topics. We start with a review and in depth look at the employment situation and the market's reaction. Then, we spend some time on the earnings season and what to expect from banks.
Earnings season begins this week with the release from Alcoa (AA) on Thursday. Before that we have the ISM non-manufacturing number that will be important and the inch up toward the release of the BLS Unemployment report.
We are talking with Frank Curzio to close out the 2013 year and find out what is ahead for 2014. Franks talk about some of the potential in the shale oil arena as well as gold stocks and cloud computing. We then talk with Ken Shea about the potential f...
Guest Satyajit Das has a few items on his list to talk about. We cover the meaning of the taper, what is going on in Spain as well as the problems that an increasing dollar has on emerging markets. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST NOW Follow @andrewhorowitz -
The Fed may be on the way to draining some excess liquidity and we discuss what that actually means. Also, with the change to the 1-child law in China, we have an interesting stock to discuss. Gold, Twitter,
Our guest, Larry McMillan explains some of the ways in which investing with options can be beneficial. Some of his strategies that he uses and others that he stays away from are topics we hit on. In this episode we also explore the current markets,
In this episode we discuss the recent outsized and outrageous movement of bitcoins as well as a primer on what the heck is a bitcoin. Five "turkey" stocks are introduced for the holiday season that will be discussed daily on this site.
There is a lot of ground to cover. With markets hitting highs and now a nuke deal with Iran, what is next? VIX products are smoked last week and Goldman Sachs (GS) predicts a substantial fall for commodities, especially Gold and Silver. -