The Double Shadow

by Tim Mucci, CthulhuChick, Philip Gelatt ( · · · · 4 subscribers

The Double Shadow is a podcast that will explore the life and works of 20th Century weird fiction author Clark Ashton Smith.

Mordiggian is the god of Zul-Bha-Sair. And "The Charnel God" is one of Smith's best stories. Join us for fits of near death, necromancy, and hot ghoul action. Music by Kevin MacLeod. Readings by Joe Scalora. Outro music by Boney Washington.


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As Tim said in our last post, it has been a rough/busy/awesome year for your faithful podcasters. But we’ve got “Vulthoom” for you and we’re scheduling more recording times. Here’s to getting back on schedule in 2015!
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In this week's story, Philip Hastane befriends a very strange man who turns out to be, you guessed it, a devotee of evil.
Philip Hastane's cousin Cyprian's art has dramatically improved, but at what cost?
Philip Hastane is drawn to visit the singing flame himself and sees what lies beyond. But all is not as it was written in his friend's journal.
When Giles Angarth disappeared and left his journal behind, Philip Hastane learns of a mysterious pair of pillars which lead to a beautiful city.
In this episode/interlude, we talk a bit about what we saw and did at the NecronomiCon(vention) in August and go over what's next for the podcast, now that we're done with Hyperborea.
Satampra Zeiros plans his most daring heist yet, stealing the jeweled girdles of 39 temple virgins.
In the 9th chapter of the book of Eibon, we learn of the White Worm's coming and what that meant to the lands of Hyperborea.
Progress has been made on our next episode, in that it's actually finally been recorded and is being worked on. But with travel schedules and projects, we're a bit behind where we'd like to be. Once we get to September,
While Phil may not be doomed, his woes have kept us from recording, alas, so we've got this interlude with him presenting Smith's "Doom of America."
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