The English We Speak

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Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service

Bad hair day May 4, 2022
How are you looking today? Could you be having a bad hair day?
Make the English you speak sound more natural
Promises, promises April 19, 2022
Learn a new expression about not believing someone’s promises.
Not see hide nor hair April 12, 2022
Sometimes it’s impossible to find someone. Here's a phrase to use in this situation.
A curate's egg April 5, 2022
Learn an odd expression which means something is a little good but mainly bad
That'll be the day March 29, 2022
Learn a phrase about things that are unlikely to happen.
Gathering dust March 22, 2022
What’s gathering dust in your house?
Easier said than done March 15, 2022
Talking about doing things can be easy, but doing them can be a bit more complicated.
The plot thickens March 8, 2022
A phrase for when a situation becomes more mysterious.
All at sea March 1, 2022
Discover more about this nautical phrase in The English We Speak.
Don't mind me Feb. 22, 2022
If you want tell someone to ignore what you’re doing, what can you say?
Cramp my style Feb. 15, 2022
Who’s cramping your style?
Learn an expression for unbelievable events.
Cool cat Feb. 1, 2022
Do you know someone who is really hip and trendy?
There's nothing to it Jan. 25, 2022
Sometimes we do things that are simple. Learn an 'easy' phrase to describe this.
As sick as a parrot Jan. 18, 2022
Learn a phrase about disappointment.
Eke out Jan. 13, 2022
We have the perfect phrase to describe making the most of what you’ve got left.
Say no more Jan. 4, 2022
Learn a phrase about understanding someone.
Scrub up well Dec. 28, 2021
Learn a phrase about making a special effort to dress smartly.
You shouldn't have Dec. 21, 2021
Learn a phrase to show surprise when receiving a gift