The English We Speak

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Every week, we look at a different everyday English phrase or piece of slang in this fun three-minute programme. From BBC World Service

Not looking too clever Dec. 14, 2021
If someone’s 'not looking too clever', are we doubting their intelligence?
Don't like what you hear? Say it with this expression!
I'll give you that Nov. 30, 2021
Learn what to say when you agree with someone about some or all of what they said.
Learn a phrase about having an additional skill.
Clap back Nov. 16, 2021
When someone criticises something you’ve done, what do you do?
Talk through your hat Nov. 9, 2021
Learn a phrase about talking nonsense.
Quote ... unquote Nov. 2, 2021
An expression for when we want to repeat exactly what someone has said.
Not a patch on something Oct. 26, 2021
Learn an expression for when something is far worse than something else.
No cap Oct. 19, 2021
Do you know someone who always tells the truth?
Moreish Oct. 12, 2021
An expression you can use to talk food you can't resist.
Do you know a famous living person? Here’s a phrase to describe them.
What or who do you think about all the time?
Now you're talking Sept. 21, 2021
Learn how to show that you like someone’s idea.
Hits different Sept. 14, 2021
Here’s the expression you can use to talk about something special.
Extra Sept. 7, 2021
Learn an expression to describe how exaggerated some people are.
Zhuzh Aug. 31, 2021
Do you want to make something more interesting by changing it slightly?
Lo and behold Aug. 24, 2021
Learn an expression to introduce a surprising part of a story.
Bigwig Aug. 17, 2021
Here’s an expression to describe an important and powerful person.
Cringe Aug. 10, 2021
A word for when you want to say that something is really embarrassing.
It’s the … for me Aug. 5, 2021
Learn an expression to talk about why you love or hate something.