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The Gralien Report Podcast is the official program of writer and researcher Micah Hanks, featuring news and discussion of science, technology, the unexplained, historical mysteries, philosophy, and consciousness studies.

This week we talk with writer and broadcaster Greg Bishop, former publisher of "The Excluded Middle" and all-around unique thinker. This post, TGR 07.09.18. Wake Up Down There: The Excluded Middle, first appeared at The Gralien Report.


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This week on the podcast we explore the ancient wonders of North American archaeology, such as Ohio's Serpent Mound and other enigmatic locations.
This week's podcast examines several mysteries of modern mathematics, which some think might point to inherent order in the universe or even a "source code" behind reality.
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On this edition of the podcast, we look at Phobos, one of Mars's most unusual moons, and the long history of unusual phenomena associated with it.
On this edition of the podcast, we are joined by Paul Kimball, co-star and producer of the Canadian television program Haunted.
This week on the podcast, we discuss scientists who hope to finally unravel the mystery of Loch Ness, and why some question whether Sirhan Sirhan killed Robert Kennedy in 1968... including Kennedy's own son.
This week's podcast features a panel discussion with lecturers attending the 2018 Esotericon at King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
This week on the podcast, we discuss Carl Jung, and the development of ideas such as archetypes, the collective unconscious, and his other great contributions to psychology and psychoanalysis.
On this episode we look at the disappearance of Maura Murray, a young woman who vanished under unusual circumstances in 2004; to this day, her fate remains unknown.
On this episode, we discuss the ranges of sensory experience that are presently "invisible" to humans, and how technology might allow for the development of new, "extra-sensory" experiences in the future.
On this week's podcast, we look at secret information that was disclosed to the public by accident, including information on the CIA's controversial MK ULTRA program.
This week on The Gralien Report we recall the entertaining career of late night radio icon Art Bell, whose passing on Friday the 13th shocked the paranormal community.
This week on The Gralien Report, we examine testimony from four astronauts about their observations of unidentified flying objects during NASA missions and related beliefs.
This week on The Gralien Report, we examine reports of mystery beasts of Africa, along with historical sightings of "ghost planes" in parts of Europe.
This week on The Gralien Report, we discuss a mysterious object spotted by pilots over the southwest, as well as historical information that suggests a secret history of aviation in the United States.
This week on The Gralien Report, we remember the late physicist Stephen Hawking, in addition to examining the strange disappearance of five men from Yuba County, California.
This week on The Gralien Report, we look at recent UFO news, and how podcasts have created a renaissance for fantasy role-playing communities.
This week on The Gralien Report, we delve into one of the greatest questions of modern science, where physics, theology, and philosophy converge: what existed before the big bang?
This week on the podcast, we revisit the 2004 USS Nimitz UFO incident and discuss whether recent footage appearing online that is alleged to corroborate it withstands scrutiny.