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The Gralien Report Podcast is the official program of writer and researcher Micah Hanks, featuring news and discussion of science, technology, the unexplained, historical mysteries, philosophy, and consciousness studies.

This week we look at odd legends associated with Micah's own "Haunted Family Tree," as well as early writings and a classic radio drama based on these eerie Welsh legends. This post, TGR 10.22.18. Our Haunted Family Tree, first appeared at The Gralien Report.


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This week we examine the strange "history" of Atlantis, an odd passing reference made by Plato which spurred interest in one of the most lasting mythologies of all time.
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This week's podcast examines several mysteries of modern mathematics, which some think might point to inherent order in the universe or even a "source code" behind reality.
This week's podcast examines the myth and folklore surrounding owls and the prevalence of these birds of prey in a number of traditions around the world dating back to antiquity.
On this edition of the podcast, we look at Phobos, one of Mars's most unusual moons, and the long history of unusual phenomena associated with it.