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This show is for networking professionals interested in planning, trialing or deploying IPv6. Learn how to migrate your network, service or app to IPv6 by listening to Bruce Sinclair interview the top v6 minds in the industry. The podcast is entertaining and educational, complementing the gogoNET community, the gogoNET LIVE! conference and gogo6’s YouTube channel.

Episode 17 In this episode we drift from theory into practice and talk about using SDN/NFV in the real world, or put another way, in OpenStack. In this episode of the IP6 show, I speak with Ian Wells about his work in OpenStack, if it's IPv6-ready yet and a couple of practical examples of OpenStack & IPv6 in action. Ian is a Technical Lead at Cisco and works as an OpenStack architect in the Cloud CTO group. He will also be our main speaker at the upcoming California IPv6 Task Force Meetup on the topic of IPv6 and SDN …


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