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Full-length interviews from the Jodcast.

Laura Driessen tells us about Tiaan talks to Laura Driessen about the first new transient source discovered with the MeerKAT telescope, a flaring stellar system. Searching for transients in the radio is challenging, and looking for stellar flares is even more so. Laura talks about her recent paper and has also written[ an article on The Conversation <\a> for a more general science audience on this..


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Simon Johnston talks about pulsars and their irregularities, particularly in the timing of pulsars. He discusses his work using the Parkes radio telescope in Australia to sample pulsars and what information can be gained from using these samples, before briefly explaining the possible use of MEERKAT to get a larger …
Shahbaz Chaudhry tells us about the coronal heating problem.
Atsuhisa Ota talks about his work studying anisotropies in the cosmic microwave background.
This month we talk to Sadie Jones of the University of Southampton about her work in astronomy outreach. She discusses how she got into astronomy and got a job in outreach, before talking about the work that the university does, including its impressive mobile planetarium. Sadie also discusses the recent …
Emma Alexander talks to Dr Fabio Antonini, a Rutherford fellow at the University of Surrey. Dr Antonini tells us about his work modelling gravitational wave sources, particularly black holes in binary systems, and explores the implications of LIGO observations for such modelling efforts.
Jonathan talks about his work with 21cm line and understanding galaxy formation and cosmology. He talks about the challenges and triumphs of characterizing the 21cm signals using the SKA phase telescopes.
JodBite with Tana Joseph April 17, 2019
Tana Joseph tells us about black hole binaries, multi-messenger astronomy and her STEM communications company AstroComms
Interview with Leen Decin April 17, 2019
Leen Decin talks about the atomium project.
Laura Driessen talks to [Joe Callingham](, a postdoctoral fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON), about his work on so-called colliding-wind binaries. These systems are seen across the electromagnetic spectrum when outflows of gas ejected by two massive stars interact violently. Joe also tells us about his work …
Ben Stappers tells us about the MeerTRAP project.
Leon Koopmans talks about EoR studies with the 21cm line and gravitational lensing.
JodBite with Justin Bray Jan. 11, 2019
Justin Bray tells us about developing a particle detector for the Murchison Observatory.
Morgane Fortin talks about using neutron stars as multimessenger laboratories.
DARA Big Data Science Policy Fellows tells us about their DARA Fellowships.
Among astronomers, Dr. Bernie Fanaroff is best known for his work in creating the Fanaroff-Riley classification of radio galaxies. Beyond astronomy, he was involved in the resistance against apartheid for many years, ultimately helping to rebuild South Africa as part of Nelson Mandela's government. We talk to Dr. Fanaroff about …
Dr. Rob Adam is currently the Managing Director of the South African Radio Astronomy Observervatory ([SARAO](, which handles the development of the SKA in South Africa and the precursor projects sited there. Rob has variously worked in the fields of chemical engineering, nuclear and theoretical physics, before moving into astronomy …
Eamonn Kerins and Supachai Awiphan tell us about the SPEARNET collaboration.
Prof. Boonrucksar Soonthornthum talks about NARIT, Princess Sirindhorn's visit to JBO and Thai/Manchester collaboration.
Benjamin Shaw tells us about a glitchy pulsar in the Crab nebula.