The Kindle Chronicles

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Weekly podcast comprising News of the Kindle, Tech Tips, interview with a guest, content recommendations and listener comments. Produced by Len Edgerly, co-founder of E-Books for Troops and host of The Edge of the Road podcat.

The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
TKC 384 Nick Lum Dec. 12, 2015
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
TKC 383 Bruce Jones Dec. 5, 2015
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
TKC 382 Donald Hall Nov. 28, 2015
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
TKC 380 Andes Adventures Nov. 10, 2015
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
The Friday Podcast All About Your Kindle
TKC 344 Sara Nelson March 7, 2015
Editorial Director, Interview starts at 17:17 and ends at 38:50 - Dead Wake: Well this is Erik Larson, and if Erik Larson told me somebody had tied their shoes in an interesting way, I think I would read the book. News -
TKC 343 Juli Monroe Feb. 28, 2015
Editor-in-Chief of TeleRead Interview starts at 17:22 and ends at 39:20 - If large-screen smartphones were going to replace the tablet, I would assume that I would start seeing people working on their big phones, and I still don’t see it. News -
Co-founder of Blue Ink Review Interview starts at 17:15 and ends at 43:24 - The people who are putting out quality books in self-publishing are actually investing quite a lot, because most books really do need editing,
Illustrator and Author of You Are (Not) Small Interview starts at 14:32 and ends at 37:56. - Chris: Anyone with kids who watches someone read for the first time—I never would have realized how magical—it is one of the greatest experiences that I’ve e...
TKC 340 Thad McIlroy Feb. 7, 2015
Author of Mobile Strategies for Digital Publishing Interview starts at 13:21 and ends at 37:37. - There may not be a lot of new readers coming into the eReader space, but it’s a device that’s got legs still,
Author, entrepreneur, maker of ruckuses Interview starts at 4:33 and ends at 14:50. - Paper books are going to gradually and painfully and very, very slowly disappear. They’re going to become like LP’s. One by one the bookstores are going to go away,
TKC 338 Andy Weir Jan. 24, 2015
Author of The Martian Interview starts at 11:39 and ends at 38:29 - More people bought it from Amazon than downloaded it for free from my site, which just goes to show you how deep into the market Amazon reaches and how good they are at selling books.
Amazon’s senior vice president for Kindle - We can all observe the fact that in every single digital media category subscriptions is playing an important role—in music, in movies, in newspapers—you cannot find a digital medium where subscription isn’t...
TKC 336 John Ashbery Jan. 10, 2015
Author of 17 poetry collections recently formatted for eBook readers Interview starts at 12:49 and ends at 37:24. - The Internet seems to have changed things for the better. You can’t stop people from looking things up these days.
TKC 335 Gregg Levoy Jan. 3, 2015
Author of Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion Interview starts at 9:20 and ends at 41:50. - It takes courage and vigilance and diligence to ask this question of yourself repeatedly: Where am I losing energy? Why am I losing energy?
TKC 334 Jeffery Deaver Dec. 26, 2014
Author of The Starling Project Interview starts at 12:16 and ends at 44:00. - I don’t have any issue aesthetically with the eBooks like some people do. For me, whatever gets people to read is fantastic. News - “eReaders Can Disrupt Your Sleep,
TKC 333 Richard Hollick Dec. 20, 2014
Author of the Making Book blog Interview starts at 21:05 - What I’ve decided is going on in publishing is that genre fiction, however widely you want to define that, sort of entertainment books, are basically going to go down the eBook/indie author ...