The Kindle Chronicles

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Weekly podcast comprising News of the Kindle, Tech Tips, interview with a guest, content recommendations and listener comments. Produced by Len Edgerly, co-founder of E-Books for Troops and host of The Edge of the Road podcat.

Creator of Kindle Nation Daily and BookGorilla Interview starts at 9:23 - I don’t think their market [for Fire phone] is people who don’t have a smartphone now. I think it’s people who have some version of an Android phone or an iPhone,
TKC 311 Linda Grant July 19, 2014
Novelist, Journalist, Author of “I Murdered My Library” Interview starts at 23:05 - I was sitting, reading this novel on my Kindle. And I thought, actually, this is a perfect medium for this particular book [In a Strange Room by Damon Galgut],
TKC 310 David H. Rothman July 12, 2014
Creator of TeleRead and LibraryCity Interview starts at 15:48 - Everyone, I think, would be better off if we replaced DRM [Digital Rights Management] with either no “protection” at all, or else social DRM,
Contracts Attorney and Creator of The Passive Voice blog Interview starts at 22:32 - “Predatory pricing” sounds good to people who don’t really understand that law very well. But I don’t see anything in Amazon’s behavior that would support that.
An 8-year-old Kindle reader Interview starts at 15:56 - You can take a photo and put it on the Kindle of yourself. You would never get to do that to a book, probably! Show Notes and Links: News - Full video of Jeff Bezos’s Fire Phone presentation ...
Dave Limp, Senior Vice President - Amazon Devices Interview starts at 27:17 - A good example of a use case on reading, whether it’s the autoscroll in a web page or autoscroll in a book, is on a train. Lots of people in this world commute,
TKC 306 Russ Grandinetti June 14, 2014
Senior Vice President - Amazon Kindle Interview starts at 18:20 - We have made an experience that has helped people feel actually like they’re getting real value to pay seven, eight, nine, ten bucks for text in the form of bits.
Creator of Kindle Nation Daily and BookGorilla Interview starts at 15:56 - Amazon has built this colossus in the retail industry by having the best pricing and the best availability ever imagined. And now what Amazon has done is basically to say that...
TKC 304 Ed Park May 31, 2014
Senior Editor for Literary Fiction at Amazon Publishing Interview starts at 10:22 - One of the things when I was teaching is I would have these students who had a lot of promise, and I would encourage them.
Hosts of the Books on the Nightstand Podcast Interview starts at 16:12 (Photo by Katie Loss) - [Ann Kingman]: We are very vehemently anti-book snobbery. We don’t care what people read. We try not to look down on anybody for any reading choices they m...
TKC 302 Tom Semple May 16, 2014
Software quality engineer in Santa Clara, California Interview starts at 18:15 - To me it’s really frustrating that you can’t get your notes and highlights easily. The minimal thing they could do is put on Manage Your Kindle,
TKC 301 Sara Nelson May 9, 2014
Editorial Director for books Interview starts at 21:41 - The kinds of books that we call out—we do see that some of them go on to be successful. Did we call it, or did we cause it? I don’t know. I wouldn’t claim credit for it,
Author of How To Be Black Interview starts at 15:46 - What is the point of me having a relationship with MailChimp and a powerful email newsletter and social platforms through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus with all these followers and community memb...
Amazon’s Director of Kindle Content Acquisition for France Interview starts at 14:00 - In France, publishers set the price of the digital version at 25 to 30 percent less than the physical book’s price, but when when the title becomes a mass-market p...
TKC 298 Molly Hawthorne April 18, 2014
Retired Special Ed Teacher and Kindle Reader Interview starts at 19:42 I read The New York Times Book Magazine on Sundays, and I belong to a book group, and there are suggestions there. If I come across anything in the newspaper or whatever,
Attorney and Creator of The Passive Voice blog Interview starts at 17:13 In my opinion, any midlist author that sticks with a traditional publisher is crazy, because I personally know a number of formerly midlist traditionally publishing authors ...
Author of Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Innovation It could literally just be a bluetooth microphone that you clip to yourself, and maybe it’s combined in a pedometer or a wristwatch or a something else.
TKC 295 Austin Kleon March 28, 2014
Author of Show Your Work: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered Interview starts at 17:56 One of the things I always tell people is, “You’re not guaranteed a living from this. I think what you’re guaranteed is a life.
TKC 294 Kevin Eagan March 22, 2014
Founder and Editor of Critical Margins blog and podcast Interview starts at 14:16 I want people to see online content as something that’s in flux. We have such a great opportunity right now for people to see us as human beings, right?
Show Notes and Links: News “What’s the Best Amazon Prime Alternative?” by Matt Burns at TechCrunch - March 13, 2014 Amazon Prime information at No word on a price increase for Amazon’s Prime Air drone delivery service! Tech Tip