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One fan's attempt to do some analysis of Stephen King's fiction, non-fiction and poetry. From Carrie to the top of the Dark Tower, King is a huge presence in the marketplace. But what does his work tell us about ourselves? And what will last of his work?

A promotional picture from the to-be-released movie adaptation of "Cell", starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson This episode delves into a question I recently saw on a Stephen King Facebook group. The question was: "Has Stephen King written anything about zombies other than Cell?" That question got me thinking, and the results are what make up this episode, and some great thoughts on Salem's Lot _and _Haven from Constant Listener Moe! As always, the podcast is sponsored by Audible, which offers you a 30-day trial with a free audiobook download from their HUGE selection, and [by listeners …


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On Stephen King's 68th birthday, a look at Stephen King's novellas, from Different Seasons to Full Dark No Stars and the two included in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, to be published in November. When you think of King's novellas, what&#8217
The second in my chronological reading of King's work is up, with apologies for the delay due to a little family stuff that needed my attention. Hope you enjoy my thoughts about Salem's Lot, one of King's most clear-eyed portraits of a
Oh, it's easy to point to Misery, the Frank Darabont movies or Kubrick's The Shining and talk about GOOD Stephen King adaptations. But it takes two true fans to talk about the ones we hate, or hate to love, love to hate. That's why I inv
In Part 2 of my thoughts about the role of isolation and confinement, I take a slightly deeper dive into a few of King's works that center on isolation and confinement: Gerald's Game, Misery, and The Long Walk. These three works, perhaps more
Yes, the podcast is late. Would you believe… I was locked in a portapotty? Handcuffed to a bed? Trapped in a house with a psychotic nurse? This episode is about confinement and isolation. From Carrie White's closet to Under the Dome, there&#82
Listener and commenter Tom Leroux was kind enough to put an idea in my head. Why not go through the King bibliography chronologically. So here we go. This is not the first time someone has done this: the folks at Cemetery Dance have been carrying on with
Episode 2.10 is the first of a periodic series I hope to have on the show that I'll call "The Collectors." I'm interested in the phenomenon of collecting, and particularly of Stephen King collectors. My first guest on this segment
Episode 2.9 of The Kingcast takes a look at two things that people comment on frequently when it comes to Stephen King's fiction: errors or anachronisms that pop up, and the fact that he frequently writes about characters in circumstances quite simi
I love digging up a spooky poem to read every Hallowe'en. This year, a short poem by metaphysical poet John Donne, published in the posthumous collection Songs and Sonnets in 1633. Hope you enjoy "The Apparition". Happy Hallowe'en
Episode 33 is LIVE. Next week, Episode 34 will be my annual creepy poetry episode. Any requests are welcome. This time, I talk about the overview of King-related film projects from Studio System News, and the interview Stephen and Owen King did with Jian
This time around, a review of Joyland, the new Hard Case Crime paperback I previewed last episode, and also review the first two episodes of the CBS television production of Under the Dome. Would love to know your thoughts on either or both of these new K
June 4 is the launch date for King's second Hard Case Crime novel, Joyland. His first was The Colorado Kid, inspiration for the SyFy show Haven, which has been covered previously here. There's an interesting debate about King and Hard Case&#82
I told you I wouldn't be away for so long this time. So here's part two of my look at Stephen King and politics, wrapped up with a shiny "Episode 30″ bow on it. This episode has discussions of Under the Dome, The Tommyknockers, and
I know. I KNOW. It's been way too long. But when life is tough, some of the more enjoyable parts of it can fall away. But I'm back. And I promise to be back soon. This time, I'm taking a flying tour through the Stephen King bibliography
Episode 28: Fathers Aug. 30, 2012
I'm back with a bit of a survey through the worlds of fatherhood in Stephen King, prompted by the death of my dad on August 11. Also have some tidbits on the Dark Tower movie project, the new production of Carrie, and a little bragging. Enjoy!
Episode 27: Secrets. July 6, 2012
Hi folks: I'm back with episode 27 of The Kingcast, featuring some thoughts about the power of secrets in Stephen King's work. In other news… there was a death in the family last week. I'm a little broken up about it, but I know th
Yes, I'm back. Been tackling a lot of new things - teaching part-time, a new venture in the works, and new clients for my day gig. This podcast was one of the things that "gave." But I've been thinking of it. And you. But thi
Episode 24 of the Kingcast features some news from Kingland, a mention of Matt Jacob and my discussion of "The Dark Tower 7: The Dark Tower" on his SK Fancast, a mini-review of David Cronenberg's 1983 film The Dead Zone (a film cast by e
Happy New Year, all. Episode 23 of the podcast and the first of 2012 must begin on a sad note of condolence to the family and friends of John Dalglish. John was a leading contributor to the Stephen King Message Board and was one of Stephen King's Constant Readers. He …