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The cross platform podcast that makes technology work for you and not the other way around. The place to go for all geeks who slide between Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows offering an essential mix of hacks, tips, howto's and tweaks spiced up with a dash of geek culture. This is the Main Mediafeed with our Audio and Video episodes. You can also subscribe to our seperate Audio and Video feeds.

KWTV LIVE 2010 : Promo Dec. 28, 2010
2 days of live video with Live DJ Sets, Interviews with podcasters and tech afficionado's, Music, your favorite video's from youtube, Live podcast recordings and more. Don't miss this Geek-fest and join us on the live show. Interact with other fans on our Live IRC Channel and send us your …
Guest spot on Podcasters Emporium 26 “Recording Skype on a Mac” This week I was asked to sit in ‘the hot seat’ on “Podcasters Emporium”. A podcast By podcasters (duh!) for podcasters or podcasting enthousiasts ABOUT podcasting. I got to … Continue reading →
This week on the knightcast  we take a tour on the show flow floor of a local “mini mac-expo” “Macbeurs 2010. We talk to a company that fixes your Ipod when you drop it on the floor (or worse, in … Continue reading →
This week on the knightcast we take a tour on the show flow floor of a local “mini mac-expo” “Macbeurs 2010. We talk to a company that fixes your Ipod when you drop it on the floor (or worse, in the toilet), Look at a cool system to prevent your …
Guest Spot on the Aussie Geek Podcast nr 40 : “Four Score and Counting”.  Every 2 weeks I sit in as a regular co-host on the Aussiegeek podcast. A podcast featuring a Canadian, an Australian and a Belgian geek (me) … Continue reading →
This week on the Knightcast podcast we ask ourselves the question : Who needs dual booting anyway. Triggered by a geek-thriller story about a 4 day old macbook air dying from mainboard failure we take a look at Dual booting … Continue reading →
As an added Bonus for the KWTV Episode 0018 ‘Talking Phones with Sigrid’ we are releasing the AUDIO from that interview in a separate file. Note that this episode is NOT in the feed and can only be downloaded manually … Continue reading →
Shownotes. The Knightcast episode 44is the “Audio Coverage” of our Visit to F.A.C.T.S Ghent 2010. As we wander the show floor of the biggest Sci-Fi and anime convention in Belgium, we talk to all kinds of interesting fans and booth-holders … Continue reading →
  Shownotes. The Knightcast episode 43 features a  “podcast in a podcast”  as we are showcasing the AUSSIE GEEK PODCAST. A podcast on which I appear as a regular showhost. Listen in to this (explicit) podcast as Dave, Keith and … Continue reading →
Shownotes. In show 42 we take our cloud-based life one step further and talk about the concept of “bouncing” your data up to the cloud (and back down again) across different devices and platforms. We feature a couple of applications … Continue reading →
Shownotes. In show 41 we have more Questions then answers as we wonder out loud what it would take to build a “narrowcasting” system. What would it take to construct a computer system that provides us with the information WHICH … Continue reading →
KC0041 "Narrowcasting" Aug. 2, 2010
This episode we ponder the question if we could build a computer system that would push information towards us when, where and what we need. Together with listener feedback and a crowd in the chatroom its KC0041 <img …
Shownotes. For show 40 we take a break from the high-tech content we&#8217;ve focused on the last few episodes and take a little &#8220;interlude&#8221;. In light of tradition this is going to be another soundseeing tour where I take you &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
We drive through the region where I live and listen to the birds chime as I tell you what i'm looking at. This time its your IMAGINATION that is going to work for you as you can close your eyes , lean back and hear me tell stories about NO-tech …
Shownotes. In one of the more controversial and long awaited shows we talk about the IPAD. My first impressions on both hard and software, ways to use it in your daily life and more. Even more importantly we talk about &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
kc0039 "Free the Ipad" July 17, 2010
You can see the entire live recording of this show on Ustream. For that head on over to and look for the link in the shownotes to this episode. <img src="" border="0" …
Shownotes. An interesting (and hopefully) unbiased review of the Irobot APAD 7 inch Android Tablet PC compared to the Apple Iphone interface on the Ipod touch and the Ipad. We talk tech in detail and get our hands on the &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
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Shownotes. In this episode we talk about setting up your own Ubuntu Linux terminal server using free and open source technology. We take A little historical look at the age of the terminal server (or &#8220;mainframe&#8221; ) featuring Dolly Partons &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
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