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The cross platform podcast that makes technology work for you and not the other way around. The place to go for all geeks who slide between Mac, iOS, Android, Linux and Windows offering an essential mix of hacks, tips, howto's and tweaks spiced up with a dash of geek culture. This is the Main Mediafeed with our Audio and Video episodes. You can also subscribe to our seperate Audio and Video feeds.

  Shownotes. With the 70th anniversary of the start of the Second world war coming up, it  is a perfect time to take you to a place where it all began. We treat you on an exclusive tour inside Belgiums … Continue reading →
Make sure to check out the shownotes over on this time for exclusive pictures INSIDE of the fortress and interesting links to everything we talk about. Our thanks go out to the people of the Fortress of Eben Emael and specifically Bart Geraerts for touring us inside the facility.<div …
&#160; Shownotes for KC0035 &#8220;Life in a Browser.&#8221; In the first ever LIVE recorded episode of the Knightcast podcast we talk about life in the browser. How can you do as much as possible of your daily internet life , &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
Our first ever "Live recording" of the Knightcast features a feedback section with Call-ins and plenty of questions from the chatroom. Enjoy.
This episode features music by Zoe Keating. You can find her wonderfull tracks on For more information check out the shownotes on or follow us on twitter : <img src="" …
&#160; Shownotes for KC0034 "Talking Ebook Readers."&#160; With the IPAD hype in full swing we turn around and take a look at the current ebook readers on the market, specifically the Sony PR-505. We talk hardware, software and lead you &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
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kc0033 "My Uber-Netbook" Jan. 17, 2010
Additionally you can read the review and watch the unboxing pics at the following addresses.
&#160; Shownotes for KC0033 "My Uber_Netbook." In a classic hardware review we take a hands-on look at the Acer Aspire 1810Tz. We peekl at this special little laptop and its 11.6 inch family and see small, but remarcable differences between &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
We talk to Finux, an "Ethical Hacking" about White-and Blackhat Hacking, Penetration testing and all things security in this very interesting interview.
&#160; Shownotes for KC0032 "Ethical HacKing." In a very interesting interview we talk to Finux, An ethical Hacker about all things Hacking. Whitehat Hacking, Blackhat Hacking, Penetration testing and other security related topics all pass the review in this one &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
With music from Esem "Laidegg" provided by the podcast we chill into an intersting episode on how to simplify the technology that in your life by using virtualisation, cloud computing and plain old common sence. <img src="" …
&#160; Shownotes for KC0031 "Simplify Technology." Does new tech always mean more tech ? We give you some interesting tips, tricks and insights on how to "simplify" the ever growing clutter of technology into your daily life. With music from &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
With Music from the podcast and some interesting topics the Knightcast episode 30 fills up another nice 60-or-more minutes with interesting talk about adventures in computerland where we backup everybody's data, but forget to do so with our own. <img src="" border="0" …
&#160; Shownotes for KC0030 "Everybody&#8217;s backups, but your own" We take a slice of real life and mix it up with some road-based podcasting. Talking about taking backups for other people and being so good at it, that you forget &#8230; Continue reading &#8594;
... This is the Ghost in the Machine ... all your base are now belong to us. Happy Haloween !
A soundseeing tour through the city of Tongeren, Music provided by A look at Windows 7 and Crunchban Linux as lighter-weight operating systems. This, together with a bunch of practical tips makes KC0028 .. a fact. <img …
Some heartfelt ranting about the improvements that could be made to the Linux developement in general with some awesome music from
A soundseeing tour, First impressions of Windows 7 and a practical example of a linux-Consulting assignment. How to let technology work for you.. instead of the other way around. A real life example of " Demand management " vs technology. <img border="0" src="" …
This manual is the first in a 4 part series in using some basic command line applications. In this part of the series we focus on installing SCREEN, a terminal application for the Linux command line. Screen enables you to run several command line applications (in different shells) at the …