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New mini-podcast, can you believe it?! Haven't posted in a very long WHILE but had to say something about some of the things we have seen on our Twitter timeline NAMELY Eva Longoria LYING about eating Cheetos! Miss you all terribly and not sure when there will be another podcast but someone had to tackle […]


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Ciao, hello! Long time. Ignore the color of the audio player (on the site) it's ugly and needs to be changed. Nicole begins with an audio apology for being a slacker s.o.b so I “audio” answer because these bitches do NOT help me for shit!
(79) Chica Bomb Jan. 18, 2012
(Sorry guys, comments are disabled on this post while we work on site issues.) Finally been bullied into posting a new show, it's been forever! Been having some technical issues with the site, PLEASE ignore the hideous colors on the audio player,
(78) Lezbun Sessions Oct. 25, 2011
mono is super short and TBFTGOG plays for too long but what are ya gonna do? experimenting on skype with Lale in LA and of course the sound is dreadful. we talk cigs, lesbian repair men, and more!!! Nicole and I chat about her leaving the psych ward gig,
We really do hate this particular podcast with a passion. We talk a lot about nothing but feel intensely pressured to post content, even if it's devoid of meaning ... like Julie Chen's every tear. - Mostly all of it is recorded on the portable so it's...
(76) Kaleidoscope June 23, 2011
Not really sure what's happening here but at listener's requests we tried AGAIN to do a prank and clearly it's not working out. Just can't seem to get thru them like we used to, not sure why. We will try again in the future and hopefully get them right...
(75) Prank Fails and Jive April 28, 2011
Maybe we've outgrown the pranks, yeah? We tried over and over and over to get through one prank and failed every single time. Tune in and you'll hear how pranks with potential go from bad to worse because of our inability to execute,
20 minute monologue, a message to 2030, crazies, gay male sexist oppressors, tackling the tough questions on woman-haters and why they have no b@lls, Hollywood crap movies, then Lale calls in and we talk Giffords, fire arms and Jersey Shore. -
(73) Karma by Dog Leash Dec. 13, 2010
Mark Dadoff; Feminazis who are just as man-hating as misogynists are woman- hating; Liberal Nimbyism; Reactionary righty pundits who play the game and believe w/o bothering to thoroughly examining their beliefs... - Mark Madoff,
Solo Rant. Lots of yelling. - Warning: If you are in love with 0bama DO NOT listen to this show and start whining. Just continue shunning us, we love that. - Maybe it was the guy who shot the TV at Bristol Palin over Dancing with the Stars who Twitt...
(71) Are We Podfading? Oct. 11, 2010
Understatement of the year: "That really hurt me;" Nona's World War II PTSD poverty complex; Some chatting w/friends re: Liza Minelli; Lez Social Scene; Mr. Softee; Being taken advantage of by one of Giulliani's; Dirty Talk; Your vadge & chlorinated to...
Miley Cyrus, Tammy & Melissa Lesbalimony, Opinions and what do they really mean?, The Definition of a Lesbian conclusion via Twitter, The Real L Word, Julianne Moore in Kids Are Alright is gonna learn right here and right now that Lesbians are not bise...
More hostility, fights, and internal chaos from The Lesma Files; a random solo anti-soy rant in between spats, so hold on to your nun habits. - Truthfully, this is a positively disgusting podcast including potty humor. Don't listen while eating. -
(68) EAT ME April 17, 2010
Due to the high volume of requests we've posted this recent material that didn't turn into a show, so here are some lazy laying around the house recordings from the portable. - March was our 3rd anniversary,
(67) bell hooks March 24, 2010
\- Lovers, We are still on a bit of a vacay and hope to return soon. In the meanwhile, we managed to snag part of an interview we heard on WBAI with esteemed author, thinker, teacher, and theorist on feminism, gender, race, class and culture,
Hello Friends and Darlings. We are temporarily on hiatus while trying to clean up our website. In the meantime we may post an occasional video or sumsing until we’re ready to roll but fret not, we love and miss talking to you and will be back soon to post new …
Interview with prolific filmmaker Kirby Dick on his controversial movie Outrage, which outs closeted gay politicians who vote to pass anti-gay legislation. His film SICK (1997) won the Special Jury Prize at Sundance and the Grand Prize at the Los Angel...
(64) Love & Rage (Mini) Jan. 11, 2010
She's not a f'cking "WRITER"! Blasphemers. Soy. Quack therapists, pills and doctors... oh, and don't listen if you're hypersensitive about these issues and can't deal with anyone having a different opinion and/or life experience than yours.
Out Three-time New York Times best-selling author and creator of the “Stop the Insanity!” movement, Susan Powter, like you've never heard her before. We talk Wellness, Radical Feminism, Lesbian Culture, her new book The Politics of Stupid and more ...
After reading about Playboy's first out "lesbian" centerfold, Stephanie Adams, "switching teams" on page 6 of the New York Post, we decided to give her a call (before we ripped her hair out, meh heh heh!) to hear her side of the story. -