The Linux Action Show! Video

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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

Is openSUSE 13.2 the best distro to take advantage of tomorrow’s Linux tools today? We set out to live in openSUSE 13.2 & share our results. Plus China’s big switch to Linux gets official, one of the best open source talks we’ve ever seen & more!
Our interviews, stories, and adventures from Ohio LinuxFest 2014. The big show traveled to Columbus Ohio & we came away with some great stories, friends, and interviews. Plus the big news for openSUSE, Oculus Linux users get some love & more!
We review the major flavors of Ubuntu 14.10. We review everything from Kubuntu to the MATE Edition of Ubuntu 14.10, plus Linus responds to the culture of hostility claims, Plasma 5’s big update, Docker’s surprising news, a new AAA game for Linux & more
Our guide to moving your Plex, btsync, SmokePing, and others to a new Linux server. And our take on how the Intel NUC performs as a home server with heavy Plex usage, big new distro features, DRM discussions & more!
The top 5 best Linux games on Steam for the fall get demoed on today’s show. Every game we feature, will be one worth buying & how to get a lot more out of Steam. Then sandboxing any Linux process, the news of the week, our picks & much more!
The Shellshock bug is taking the internet by storm, Fedora project lead Matthew Miller joins us to discuss how the Bash bug works, how big of a problem it is & how large projects are responding to the issue, plus we chat a little & more!
Learn about Security Onion and its easy to setup IDS, Network Syslog. a great new linux game, Uselessd discussion, Gnome 3.14 will be the best Gnome yet & more!
Install the latest version of Gnome on your Ubuntu box, without losing your data or reinstalling your apps. And also provides great insight for non- Ubuntu/Gnome users. Plus ZFS on Linux gets the green light, the great news for Arch users & more!
We’ll show you how to divorce your Chromebook from Google, sync your Linux desktops and improve your workflow. Plus the new tool from Red Hat you’ll be using soon, Ubuntu shows developers some love & the big game coming to Linux we’re excited about!
Ryan C. Gordon aka Icculus joins us to discuss past, present and future of Linux gaming. Plus the technology challenges facing Linux gaming & the hope for SteamOS. Then - Red Hat’s politics burst out into the spotlight, John C. Dvorak trolls Linux users
LinuxCon 2014 just wrapped up and we have five great interviews from the floor, cover some of the best talks, and more. Plus the big guy who’s still pulling for Desktop Linux, the greatly exaggerated Munich situation & more!
The Fedora Project Lead joins us to explain, their ambitions for the cloud, desktop, and what success means for Tyler from Arch Assault joins us to update us on the new developments with their distro, and the what the future holds
What’s the best TrueCrypt alternative for Linux? We’ll introduce you to Tomb. Plus we’ll demo native Netflix working on Linux without any plugins, the big changes coming to Fedora... AND SO MUCH MORE! All this week on, The Linux Action Show!
The founder of ownCloud joins us to discuss their latest release, future plans and challenges. Then we take a look at CRUX, a legendary Linux distribution with an amazing history. Plus a retro app pick & a cautious tale…
We’re back from OSCON 2014 with some great interviews with Christian Heilmann from the Mozilla Developer Evangelist, Karen Sandler from the Software Freedom Conservancy, and Chris DiBona the director of open source at Google.
Rob McCathie from Manjaro joins us to discuss some recent troubles, bust common myths about Manjaro, their relationship with Arch Linux, and what the future holds for the project. Plus Fedora 21 features, Google’s Project Zero & Linus’ home office…
The core developer of Kali Linux joins us to discuss the projects history, what keeps Kali Linux relevant in the pentesting industry, the future and the major misconceptions he wants to correct about the distro. Plus, we tour a radio station & more.
What happens when btrfs goes bad? We’ll share what went wrong, how you can prevent problems, reclaim gigabytes of space & optimize your Linux box for an SSD drive Plus a look at Ubuntu MATE Remix, NSA targets Linux users & solving the distro hopping bug
Easily share files between Windows and Linux, and we’ll solve some common network browsing challenges under Linux. Plus a quick look at Linux Mint 17 KDE edition, the huge new features coming to OwnCloud, a new hacker event….
Interviews and awesome gear from the floor of SouthEast LinuxFest 2014. We round up the highlights of Linux from the south! Plus some Firefox news we’re stoked about, and we take another step closer to becoming a commandline ninja...