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Was any work really getting done? Or was it all a big party? I’ve been curious what these Ubuntu events were like. Recently I had the good fortune of being invited to the Ubuntu Rally in NYC. We packed up our car and drove across the country to attend.
Linux Action News 21 Oct. 2, 2017
Atari has a Linux powered console, some brief Ubuntu updates & the biggest Kernel news in years. Then we consider the recent smattering of opinion pieces on Microsoft's commitment to Open Source.
Linux Action News 20 Sept. 25, 2017
GNOME endorses the Librem 5, Replicant and UBports support more devices, Pipewire is major news for video on Linux, EFF walks away from W3C over DRM, Facebook reacts to community pressure & Red Hat expands their Patent promise.
Linux Action News 19 Sept. 18, 2017
Gnome users have something to celebrate, Purism and KDE are working together & Manjaro has some hardware. Plus why we're not too worried about BlueBourne, the fight for public money to fund public code & a new power tool for Firefox users.
Linux Action News 18 Sept. 11, 2017
Why AsteroidOS on your wrist is worth watching, what Project Treble means for future custom ROMs, Debian's Docker dominance & why China might shut down Bitcoin exchanges. Plus how NGINX plans to make money, Mozilla wants to reinvent online comments & more
Linux Action News 17 Sept. 4, 2017
More Ubuntu news, Android finally getting serious about the kernel, Blockchain is about way more than Bitcoin, great news for Linux desktop marketshare & more!
Linux Action News 16 Aug. 28, 2017
New Linux hardware, Purism's Librem 5 & Jolla's €50 Sailfish ROM. Plus Chris' quick take on Android Oreo, Google goes for Microsoft's heart, while Microsoft gets cozier with Red Hat & SUSE pretends not to be upset about it.
Linux Action News 15 Aug. 21, 2017
A big batch of Debian updates, Gnome turns 20, Joe's report from OggCamp, the Solus trifecta, encrypted ZFS comes to Linux finally & Bitcoin is forking, again. Plus some thoughts on tiny Linux computers, the Linage survey & more.
Linux Action News 14 Aug. 14, 2017
Flatpak & snap get the Solus boost, Ubuntu's community is getting a remake & development on Ubuntu 17.10 has taken a turn. Plus more good news for Firefox users & why Google's "streaming OS updates" could be great for the Android ROM community.
Linux Action News 13 Aug. 7, 2017
Surprising details in how Ubuntu's Gnome desktop is getting implemented, Krita hits some troubles but the community comes to the rescue, Bitcoin splits, Firefox sends & Red Hat gives up on Btrfs. Plus Amazon accuses BLU of spying on Android users & more!
Linux Action News 12 July 31, 2017
A good week for desktop Linux with news from Ubuntu, Fedora & openSUSE. Plus our take on the pending death of Flash, some great work by the Debian project & Mozilla's updates us on Project Common Voice.
Linux Action News 11 July 24, 2017
Android for the desktop might be dead, Google Glass is back, the latest Firefox usage data is devastating & the next Ubuntu is ready for a shakedown. Plus a quick look at Phoenix OS & the Ubuntu 18.04 survey!
Linux Action News 10 July 16, 2017
Fedora 26 is out, progress on the Unity 8 fork, Ubuntu in the Windows Store, more Pop!_OS details, peer to peer web browsing & more!
Linux Action News 9 July 10, 2017
New data gives us insight into recent bold moves by Linux hardware vendors Tuxedo & System76, Endless OS takes big steps to get closer to upstream, Mycroft's first major public appearances goes hilariously bad & Mozilla's plans to tame IoT.
Linux Action News 8 July 3, 2017
SUSE hits the Windows Store and we finally get some important classifications, System76 announces Pop!_OS and we do a deep analysis & why Mir is back with a plan to support Wayland. Plus Debian warns of Hyper Threading issues; and of course a bit more.
Linux Action News 7 June 25, 2017
More hardware acceleration comes to Linux, Mozilla launches new projects, Unity 7 fans can rejoice & Jolla has an important update. Plus we discuss the 2017 Linux Laptop Survey, the really fancy new trick Opus has pulled off in the latest release & more!
Linux Action News 6 June 18, 2017
More competition in desktop Linux, Debian 9, Tails 3, Firefox 54, FreeNAS 11 & OpenMediaVault 3 all get released. We discuss the important bits of it all, follow up on questions last week & take an open source unicorn for a spin.
Linux Action News 5 June 11, 2017
A look at the future of the Ubuntu desktop and one of its flavors, plus Docker aims to improve Linux security upstream with LinuxKit. And a LXQt confession.
Home Assistant, an open-source home automation platform that runs on Linux. Today I chat with Paulus Schoutsen, the founder of the project to learn what this project can do, where it's going & how it stacks up to competition like the Amazon Echo.
Linux Action News 4 June 5, 2017
Two Linux desktop classics make big strides, Coreboot joins the Conservancy & Toyota cars will soon run Linux. Plus Ambient OS will be open source, just like Android & its creator Andy Rubin says they plan to take on the Amazon Echo, Google Pixel & more!