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Out Sick | LAS Dec. 5, 2010
The Linux Action Show sits one out this week due, both the guys wound up sick! LAS is back next week with a spotlight on developers and projects we are thankful for! Share your’s here:
We’ve got the only review of the Boxee Box that matters! THEN – We break down the Attachmate and Novell deal, and discuss it’s future impact on LINUX and your love life! PLUS SO MUCH MORE!
We’ve got you covered on the essential tools you need to be a remote Linux super hero! PLUS – Things are looking up for MeeGo’s future app store, as momentum continues to BUILD for this early platform we give you the updates you need!
We unload a war chest of Linux games, and discuss our favorites! PLUS we cover our best tricks to get your favorite Windows games to run under Linux. THEN – We’ve got a Boxee box and give you our first impressions, and so much more!
Fedora 14 lands and we share our impressions of this Linux power house! THEN – The Free Software Foundation has dropped a bomb on the VLC community, but we have to ask: what are the real motivations behind their latest attack!
We review Arch Linux and tell you why this 8 year old Linux distribution is the freshmaker! Then – We cover Ubuntu’s plans to switch to Unity, huge news for Compiz, and the Gnome projects mega cash infusion!
We are taking this week off, but we picked one of our favorite retro episodes! Relive the massive bomb ASUS dropped on the Linux world when they launched “It’s Better With Windows” and our first episode EVER in our new Studio!
With the recent change in owners, OpenOffice has come under a full FUD attack from Microsoft, we break down what Microsoft got sooooo wrong, and hook you up with the information you need to empower you to make the switch!
Today marks an action day in history, we review Ubuntu 10.10 on October 10th 2010.. Has the desktop Linux quality bar been set to a whole new level, or just received some simple polish? We give you the details!
We’ll dissect the juicy innards of the upcoming releases, and tell you whether or not the next wave of distros are innovative, or rehashed garbage!
We kick of an ACTION investigation into the Ubuntu Software Center, and we’ve got some major concerns – brace your selves!
It’s the biggest news week for Linux in years, and we cover it from every angle! Mandriva’s been forked, VMware might be buying Novell, and much more!
We got our hands on Linux Mint’s new Debian edition and we’ll share our early impressions! Plus we cover the awesome Broadcom news, and why it's huge for Linux!
It’s our beginners ACTION guide to Linux! We’ve collected some of our top audience questions, and we give you the straight answers to your hard hitting questions!
We review what just might be the ultimate Linux Tablet that you can get your hands on right now! Plus we’ll tell you how DRM in Windows can NUKE your GRUB2 boot loader! PLUS – We’ve got the scoop on native ZFS support coming to Linux, and so much more!
It’s top 4 ACTION ways to backup data under Linux, then we’ve got some leaked details about Nokia’s up-coming premier MeeGo device, does it blow us away? Stay tuned to find out!
It’s round two of our Linux Home Server build project, and we’ve got the recipe you need to create an AWESOME LINUX SERVER! THEN – We cut through all the STANK around Oracle suing Google and killing OpenSolaris. Is Oracle the new enemy of open source?
We kick off our Linux Home Server build project, and share with you our plans to make it a multimedia POWER HOUSE! THEN – We debate the real reasons people are talking about Linux a whole lot less!
We review the new EVO 4G with Android 2.2 Froyo, find out how this premier Android device stacks up against the competition, and how well Sense UI integrates with Android!
We get the insiders scope on the openSUSE Build Service and SUSE Studio, find out how these two services alone could change the landscape of Linux FOREVER!