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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

It’s round two of our Linux Home Server build project, and we’ve got the recipe you need to create an AWESOME LINUX SERVER! THEN – We cut through all the STANK around Oracle suing Google and killing OpenSolaris. Is Oracle the new enemy of open source?
We kick off our Linux Home Server build project, and share with you our plans to make it a multimedia POWER HOUSE! THEN – We debate the real reasons people are talking about Linux a whole lot less!
We review the new EVO 4G with Android 2.2 Froyo, find out how this premier Android device stacks up against the competition, and how well Sense UI integrates with Android!
We get the insiders scope on the openSUSE Build Service and SUSE Studio, find out how these two services alone could change the landscape of Linux FOREVER!
It's our round-table review of openSUSE 11.3, find out what features are grabbing our attention, like integrated online backup, BtrFS, and more!
We review PCLinuxOS 2010, and tell you why it might just be the best Linux distro you aren't using!
Originally Airing on 8/17/2008: We cover the weeks top news stories, turn up the hate on the issues feel STRONGLY about, and give you our EPIC review of the Drobo Storage Robot and its Linux running NAS attachment. THEN – We answer your questions
We review the new Linux photo management software ShotWell and see how it stacks up to the other options! Then we find out if 20% of Android Apps are really SPYING on you! Plus we hand out some useful security tips for new Linux users!
It's our EPIC review of the Nokia N900, and we see how it stacks up against four other hand held gadgets! Straight from the headlines: Dell shines their love on Linux... Wait.. Well, kinda.. We give you the details!
Has an unreal Trojan opened your Linux box’s back door? Novel strikes a major deal that just might keep the cash flowing, we’ll give you the details! We’ve got some official news on Chrome OS, and some not so official news, as well!
It’s our fourth birthday, and Google is celebrating by banning Windows at the Google offices, Intel throws a party by showing off some MeeGo tablets, and Adobe gives us a birthday high-five with Air for Android!
The WebOS team just lost their lead designer, we’ll tell you where he is headed! Then we cover the release of MeeGo 1.0, and where it fits in an Android World. PLUS: Find out how you can shoot us in the face for our birthday… LIVE!
Google decimates the competition at Google I/O, we give you the details! Some more questions are cropping up about a Novell buy out – We give you the UPDATES! THEN – We respond to the feedback we’ve gotten over our review of Fedora 13, PREPARE YOUR SELF!
It’s our big review of Fedora 13, does it make us want to sword fight Mr. Sulu? HINT: IT DOES! Mandriva is up for sale – Is it because they are FRENCH? We discuss! Details on the next release of Android CODENAME FROYO are OUT and it looks TASTY!
The Linux Action Show is taking a quick season break this week to spend time with the ladies who put us here! Happy Mother's day to those who celebrate, and see you next weekend!
It’s our ACTION review of Ubuntu 10.04, is this the release the world has been waiting for? WE DISCUSS! We cover the approaching war against OGG Theora and what it means for Linux users!
A follow-up to last-years “Why Desktop Linux Sucks” session, we’ll take a look at the progress Desktop Linux has made over the last year. Then we’ll look at where it is still broken and what needs to happen to fix it.
We visit LinuxFest Northwest in Bellingham Washington and give you a look at the highlights!
Is the call for a full featured Linux Video editor finally being answered? We discuss! Sony taking away your Linux got you down? We’ve got the answer! Take out your retro hat and get ready for the return of OS/2 – Running on Linux!
We’ve got an idea that just might change the future of software development, forever!