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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

Linux Action News 6 June 18, 2017
More competition in desktop Linux, Debian 9, Tails 3, Firefox 54, FreeNAS 11 & OpenMediaVault 3 all get released. We discuss the important bits of it all, follow up on questions last week & take an open source unicorn for a spin.
Linux Action News 5 June 11, 2017
A look at the future of the Ubuntu desktop and one of its flavors, plus Docker aims to improve Linux security upstream with LinuxKit. And a LXQt confession.
Home Assistant, an open-source home automation platform that runs on Linux. Today I chat with Paulus Schoutsen, the founder of the project to learn what this project can do, where it's going & how it stacks up to competition like the Amazon Echo.
Linux Action News 4 June 5, 2017
Two Linux desktop classics make big strides, Coreboot joins the Conservancy & Toyota cars will soon run Linux. Plus Ambient OS will be open source, just like Android & its creator Andy Rubin says they plan to take on the Amazon Echo, Google Pixel & more!
Linux Action News 3 May 29, 2017
NextCloud goes global, Devuan hits one, Solus keeps expanding, Firefox is trying, but Chrome has won, more progress on Coreboot & more!
Linux Action News 2 May 22, 2017
Ubuntu's Gnome plans start to form & they want your input. The Linux subsystem is coming to Windows Server & Mycroft is finally ready to ship. Plus the Tizen surprise, elementary OS' pay-what-you-want AppCenter & what's new Android O.
Linux Action News 1 May 22, 2017
Canonical IPO is a go, Microsoft brings more Linux to Windows, OpenWRT, LEDE agree on Linux-for-routers peace plan & Google launches project Treble. Welcome to LAN’, where you go to when you want to hear an informed discussion about what’s happening!
Daniel Foré, elementary OS founder, joins Chris to chat about their new update to Loki, their pay what you want AppCenter, what the end of Unity means for them, and the future of the project.
The big trends, favorite moments, audience questions & more, all live from the floor of LinuxFest Northwest 2017. It’s the final episode of the Linux Action Show!
With just one episode left we discuss the Mac threat, how script kiddies can use Linux to hack your password & why you might want to wait for Linux 4.12. Plus news, picks of the week & more!
Adopt-a-Dongle | LAS 466 April 24, 2017
It's a tale of woes & wins in a Linux laptop showdown, from $200 to $10,000 we report back on the limits of mobile productivity. The human side of Unity’s death, the Linux kernel feature Chris has been waiting years for, picks, feedback & more!
We didn’t go all the way to Texas for just one episode, it's a very special edition this week. We wanted to share some of the great stories, Linux memories & impressive hardware. Plus the unexpected change behind the scenes that Linux is pushing at Dell!
Is Dell's new hardware a commitment or a hedge against market changes? We go inside Dell, get exclusive access to the teams & people behind Dell’s Linux products that & find out. Plus we discuss Ubuntu dropping Unity, Lightworks’ latest release & more!
Dubstep Allan | LAS 463 April 2, 2017
We start by covering the latest news about Red Hat’s record profits, changes coming video editing & audio sampling under linux & Apple releasing their new APFS file system Then Noah reveals the real reason behind LAS ending, your feedback & much more!
We start with the week’s news, then announce what’s next for the Linux Action Show, our Texas sized adventure coming up & new shows coming soon!
#SaveLAS | LAS 461 March 18, 2017
Behind the curtain of SCaLE 15x, news of the week, picks & we announce the future of the Linux Action Show.
NextCloud founder Frank joins us to discuss the recent remote version checking initiative, the controversial notifications sent by ISPs & the larger problems facing all ohs projects like NextCloud. Plus Chromebook usage surging last linux & much more!
From the floor of 2017’s Southern California Linux Expo aka SCALE 15x, we give you interviews & our impressions of the event. Plus news of the week, picks & more!
Noah’s built an audio stream recording monster & he’ll share it’s inner workings. Plus Firefox’s big upgrade, the puzzling Android problem & some very spooky Fedora news!
XPS 13 Review | LAS 457 Feb. 18, 2017
Our take on Dell’s latest Linux powered Sputnik laptop. Find out why this laptop might be your future work horse & why it’s called a developer edition. Plus rumors that suggest Valve is abandoning Steam Machines, Munich’s Linux blunder & much more!