The Linux Action Show! Video

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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

Jonathan Riddell & the Plasma Desktop team join us. From Neon user stats to Plasma on IoT we get the scoop live from their dev Sprint. Plus Elementary OS founder Daniel Fore joins to discuss their Pay for what you want App store fundraiser & more!
How inexpensive can a Linux system get & still be considered useable? We experiment with a low-end laptop & desktop, report back on the compromises you might be surprised you don’t have to make. Plus news, picks, your emails & more!
How Noah uses IPsec to set up secure network traffic. The law that might open up hardware to hobbyist & we narrow down the options for bulletproof Linux. Plus the picks, news & more!
We own up to our top 14 predictions for 2016, discuss a major software update, start to discuss building a bulletproof Linux install & more!
We get a first hand take on how Linux & Open Source could be revolutionizing the backend of healthcare. Plus a look at the ZeroPhone, Dell’s new Linux hardware, we ask you some questions & answer a few of yours.
What’s happening in 2017, before it happens. It’s our annual predictions episode, Chris & Noah surprise each other with their futurecasting. Plus why Ubuntu Phone is going on a hiatus of sorts, Neon puts KDE in a Container & much more!
Solus might just be the distribution to watch in 2017. Every intention & tweak coming together to create something unique. Noah & Chris take two very different views of this up & coming distro. Plus the big news of the week, picks, emails & more!
While the guys are away on holiday, we take a look back and see just how much Linux has progressed into new areas over the course of 2016 & where it may have stumbled a bit. Get settled in with your eggnog & hot cocoa because it's gonna be a …
We chat with Joss from NextCloud about two factor, crazy performance improvements, the OwnCloud hangover, setting up your ultimate Dropbox and Google Docs replacements & more!
It’s a holiday miracle, a fully computer controlled automated light display without the cloud. It’s also a great excuse to troll Chris about Linux video editing. Plus news, picks & more!
How do you pick the best Linux distribution? This week we reflect on one of the most critical questions before you switch to Linux. Plus Canonical says they’re taking a stand against unofficial Ubuntu images, a Mycroft update & your Linux questions!
Fedora 25 ships with Wayland by default, the latest Gnome & the promise of upgradeability. We test upgrade a Fedora 24, third party repos & history. We capture and share the failures and successes. Plus the bigger problems the Tor phone raises & more!
Linux server installs sometimes don’t go as planned. We take you through the hardware modifications we made to install Chris’ new NAS in Lady Jupiter (his RV). Plus are we faking it about Microsoft joining the Linux Foundation?
Chris gets a big surprise when he learns the features of the QNAP NAS review unit. Plus is Linux really seeing a wave of MacBook switchers? The future of Vulkan and VR under Linux, solving IoT’s security woes & more!
Ubuntu fails Noah during a critical moment & it’s the final straw. Noah takes us along as he switches his systems over to Arch. Plus why you might want to think twice about LessPass & is the $4 Linux computer legit?
What happens if you fail to update your home Arch server for two years? Chris finds out the hard way. We take you on the scene, and share the hard lessons learned! Plus some big Firefox news, an update on Pirate Kodi boxes & the Lenovo egg.
Canonical’s Dustin Kirkland’s Beard tell us about their new Livepatch service, we discuss Dirty COW the “Most serious” Linux privilege-escalation bug ever, explain what a CRM is & what great open source solutions are available & more!
Has Ubuntu fallen behind, or setting a new bar of refinement? We load up our hardware with 16.10 & walk away with two totally different experiences. Plus KDE celebrates 20 years in a way only open source can, real VR gets demoed, the big BSD news & more!
Plasma 5.8 marks a major milestone in the project's history & one that deserves a complete review. Plus we discuss the continued Fedora 24 issues, another take on Kodi box privacy, our picks & much more!
What is Software Defined Networking (SDL) & why is it a major focus for The Linux Foundation? We visit the OpenDayLight Summit! Plus the big Kodi crackdown in the UK, Purism want’s to build a Librem Phone, our picks, feedback & more!