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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

Two long-time FreeNAS users test the Debian-based OpenMediaVault, we share our favorite features, where FreeNAS still pulls ahead & why we think the project has a bright future. Plus we take a look at Greyhole, chat up the new desktop releases & more!
A new Linux build is nigh & Noah takes us through his new PC built for a specific task. Plus we try out Android N x86, get impressed by new Linux software releases, ponder what would happen if unbreakable encryption were made illegal & more!
Looking At Loki | LAS 434 Sept. 12, 2016
We review the new Loki release from elementary OS. One of the most unique distributions, that’s often misunderstood. But how does it hold up for advanced Linux users? We argue about the true value of Let's Encrypt, celebrate the 10 millionth Pi & more!
We hit the road and convert a middle school to Linux, join us as we dig into their deployments & successes. Plus why we think the punishment for the “hacker” is extreme, the Linux “trojan” that’s really a Drupal flaw, the news from BSD & more!
IoT and Chill | LAS 432 Aug. 29, 2016
Ryan Sipes stops by to share his big news & debate the value and control Linux users can get from the much hyped Internet of Things. Plus we drool over the specs of a new Linux rig, break down the war against Linus, get impressed by Nextcloud 10 & more!
We’ve reviewed many projects, distros & gadgets recently & we’ll tell you where things stand. We report back with a series of follow ups! Plus a big “Linux Malware” threat that’s basically hype, hosting your own YouTube, Google building a new OS & more!
We try out Linux on the Microsoft Surface Pro & the results were much better than we expected. Plus the major security flaw in the Linux Kernel, the btrfs project recommends you use ZFS, Red Hat is hiring to make Linux run better on laptops & more!
Noah’s back from Defcon! He shares his experience at this infamous conference & his surprising takeaway. Plus Btrfs’ RAID 5/6 code has been found “unsafe”, the FossHub compromise, an Internet of Things failure that struck close to home & more!
We compare two very compelling boxes side by side & discover the advantages of Android as our HTPC. We share our strange journey & why we are staying. Plus we discuss the impact that free Windows 10 had on Linux, Microsoft’s lost opportunity & more!
We share a big project that blew up in our face, the technical speed bumps we faced & the ultimate goal to accomplish something a Mac could never do. Plus the big snap sprint that might just push the format over the edge, a quick look at Korora 24 & …
We review Linux Mint 18 & our experience turns out to be a roller coaster ride. We’ve never felt more conflicted. Plus we discuss the Ubuntu Forum hack, a Fedora bug that’s bricking some laptops & why we just can’t quit FreeNAS.
We look at what Noah's using at Altispeed to provide remote assistance, ponder what Microsoft may have planned for Skype on Linux, cover why Android's full disk encryption might not be as secure as you think, Mycroft's collaboration with Canonical & more!
We go back in time and take a look at what you missed at SELF 2016. Plus we're 1% closer to the Linux Desktop, why Evernote sucks & more!
Fedora 24 is both a delight & simply frustrating at the same time. We share our experiences with one of the most highly anticipated Fedora releases. Plus Canonical makes good on the code, a big hole in Linux & more!
We review the ThinkPad x260 with Linux & compare it to the XPS 13. Then we discuss Snaps, AppImage, Flatpak & the Universal Package war that’s brewing, the major downsides are & why we think this concept of universal Linux apps is not going away & more!
A special celebration of 10 years of the Linux Action Show. We drop the format & have fun on a couple of projects we’ve really been wanting to share with you. Then a special project that celebrates 10 years of Linux, our show & more!
Frank & Jos of Nextcloud join us to discuss their fork of ownCloud, the reaction by ownCloud, & what they plan to do differently this time around. Plus we debate if Valve’s Steam Machines are a bust, a bit more on Oracle vs Google & much more!
Purism has sent us the Librem 13 for review. We answer if this could be your next ultimate Linux laptop. Plus why were not so excited about Google’s recent win against Oracle, new features coming to Linux, what the heck is going on at OwnCloud & more!
We share our early experiences with virtualization. The discussion wraps up with examples of awesome hardware passthrough. PLUS: Chromebooks outsell Macs, the sad story of an important project fading away, the big choice facing Fedora & more!
We go behind the scenes & give you details on our new Linux rig builds, using OBS to stream to multiple services, the hard lessons we learned & our Linux powered production pipeline. Plus now we can all say ZFS is officially on Linux & much more!