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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

We dive in & spend an evening with the Sandbagger crew switching their whole house to Linux & how they're going to switch a class they’re teaching next semester! Plus Linus’ hopes for the Linux desktop, a network wide ad blocker using Pi-Hole & more!
Microsoft & Ubuntu working together to bring you Bash & the Ubuntu userland on Windows 10. Is this the ultimate Win for Linux or Embrace, Extend, Extinguish? Plus Red Hat wants to save you money, TP-Link bans OSS firmwares, Edubuntu calls it quits & more!
We risk it all and toss our data into the new ownCloud 9 to give you our review. Find out about using ownCloud as an Evernote killer, Federated servers & more. Plus Red Hat’s big news, the new Gnome & the next level in our upcoming switch competition.
Jonathan Riddell joins to discuss the KDE Neon project, the latest & greatest of KDE community software packaged on a rock-solid base. We kick the tires & give you our first impression. Is this finally Plasma Desktop just the way we’ve always wanted it?
What’s the best software under Linux to create music? We have something for the musician to casual hardware geek, we cover the dark art of creating music under Linux. Plus a chat with ownCloud’s Community Manager about the features in ownCloud 9 & more!
We look at the new Raspberry Pi 3, review & chat with Mycroft CTO Ryan Sipes on how important the Raspberry Pi is for development of their open AI platform. Plus replacing Spotify on Linux, the new Microsoft lock-in, our hosts face a moral quandary & more
Has Entroware built the ultimate 13 inch Linux laptop? We put their Apollo through our battery of tests & review this good looking Skylake powered Linux portable. Plus Microsoft buys the folks behind Mono, Canonical has a ZFS fight on their hands & more!
Is the Librem 15 the ultimate Linux laptop? We review Purism’s Librem 15 laptop, crowd funded and pitched as “the first high-end laptop in the world that ships without mystery software in the kernel, operating system, or any software applications.”
This week we talk about how you can have a working web forum in 10 minutes or less & all open source! In the news we talk about an open source router; Russia dumping Windows, more updates to video editing on Linux, a super special live unboxing & more!
Teams collaborating over Slack is the new hot trend sweeping many open source projects, communities & others. We compare Rocket.Chat, Mattermost & Slack. Plus all the details on the announced Ubuntu Tablet, the Keybase filesystem & more!
We share our stories from 2016’s SCALE14x. We talk about attending one of the largest community driven Linux events in the world. Plus the Linux Trojan that’s snapping screenshots & recording audio, Linux Mint is building their own X-Apps & more!
Pre SCaLE LAS | LAS 401 Jan. 24, 2016
In this special episode of LAS, we go off the rails as we buckle down & prep for our visit to SCaLE live on the air! Plus picks, your feedback & more!
We celebrate 400 episodes of the Linux Action Show, show you how easy it is to setup your own phone system, never flash another USB stick again & the big Ubuntu rumors. Plus the openSSH bug you need to patch, the Steam Link SDK, Gnome 3 changes & more!
What if your humble hosts could have there way? A wave of their magic wands, whatever they want changed in Linux Land in 2016 would happen? Plus the welcome change in Ubuntu 16.04, Firefox OS finds new life, desktop picks that changed our lives & more!
We make our annual predictions for the land of Linux in 2016, Google drops the openJDK bomb & we pay tribute to Ian Murdock. Plus we announce our SCaLE 14x plans, some changes to the show & more!
Some of our very favorite moments from 2015. Witness as Chris attempts to slam a whole bunch of big show into one big show. Our favorite interview, our biggest rant & our most popular howto. Plus a look back at classic on-location moments from the year.
Inspired by the Let’s Encrypt project, we break down the basics of SSL & how easy it is to set up on your Linux box now. Plus hacking GRUB by hitting backspace 28 times, the Linux Foundation wants the Blockchain & more!
Plasma Desktop 5.5 shipped this week. We cover what’s new, what's improved & what work still remains for the latest & greatest from KDE. Plus Mozilla ends their Smartphone plans, Microsoft offers a Linux cert, the new KeePassX, your feedback & more!
Linux Mint 17.3 proves you can based a Linux desktop on a stable core. We take back some of our concerns about Linux Mint & discuss the areas where they are pushing user experience forward. Plus Mozilla plans to dump Thunderbird & more!
It’s a special holiday edition of the Linux Action Show, and we get thankful for some super important, innovative & critically necessary open source projects. We throw out the format, and cover many projects listed in our notes & off the tops of our heads