The Linux Action Show! Video

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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

Inspired by the Let’s Encrypt project, we break down the basics of SSL & how easy it is to set up on your Linux box now. Plus hacking GRUB by hitting backspace 28 times, the Linux Foundation wants the Blockchain & more!
Plasma Desktop 5.5 shipped this week. We cover what’s new, what's improved & what work still remains for the latest & greatest from KDE. Plus Mozilla ends their Smartphone plans, Microsoft offers a Linux cert, the new KeePassX, your feedback & more!
Linux Mint 17.3 proves you can based a Linux desktop on a stable core. We take back some of our concerns about Linux Mint & discuss the areas where they are pushing user experience forward. Plus Mozilla plans to dump Thunderbird & more!
It’s a special holiday edition of the Linux Action Show, and we get thankful for some super important, innovative & critically necessary open source projects. We throw out the format, and cover many projects listed in our notes & off the tops of our heads
We review Solus, a new distro from scratch with it’s own GTK-based desktop called Budgie & we give you our first impressions. Plus big changes coming to GTK, the Plasma desktop gets another great release, highlights from the 2015 kernel summit & more!
We traveled to Denver Colorado to meet the folks behind System76, tour their office & record a live show on location. Plus Linux goes to space, Firefox OS has a new trick, the good news for open source router firmware & more!
Fedora 23 has hit the web and we think this is the release that changes everything, forever. Plus Linus Torvalds is under attack from multiple sources. Ubuntu is finally killing the software center & the biggest feature coming to systemd ever is delayed.
We go 350ft into the air to find out how Linux powers a wireless ISP (WISP). Plus our thoughts on Chrome OS & Android merging, what it means for desktop Linux, new secure messaging options & more!
Our review of Ubuntu 15.10 Wily Werewolf, what new, noteworthy changes there are & who we think this new release is just right for. Plus Kubuntu’s release manager calls it quits, our impressions of the Steam Controller & more!
Our best open source alternatives to LastPass. We run down the easy, the straight forward & the totally custom solutions to your password managment. Plus the first reviews of the Steam Machines hit the web, Red Hat’s big buy, GIMP in your browser & more!
Some say it's the best Plasma 5 Desktop experience to be had, we review Netrunner Rolling & take a walk on the KDE side of things for a bit. Then we put the great Ubuntu Conspiracy to bed, our best LastPass alternatives, a quick look at Slackel & more!
It might just be the future of openSUSE. We take a indepth look at openSUSE Leap 42.1 beta. Find out why this might be the most ambitious Linux distribution release to date. Plus the Linux malware that fixes up your box & more!
Home automation can make you feel like you're living in the future. This week we dig into the tech of fully automating all aspects of your home or office. Plus Valve’s milestone, Gnome 3.18, Ubuntu powered Drones & more!
Emby is an open source home media server, a legitimate Plex competitor. We give you our in-depth look. Plus Microsoft announces its own Linux distribution, why it's the year of the Linux Desktop in China, why it might be time to drop VirtualBox & more!
After the last straw Noah dumps Gmail, shares his battle and solution & Chris runs down five great open source Gmail alternatives. Plus why Dell stopped shipping the XPS 13 in Europe, a big update to a Linux video editor, the news of the week & more!
We finally share our getting started with Linux stories & some great stories from our community. Plus the Safe Wifi campaign you need to know about, we discuss the new elementaryOS, an update on the Munich situation & more!
Share your terminal as a web application with anyone in the world in seconds, we’ll show you how. Why Ubuntu’s dominance over EC2 matters so much, Munich follow up, why Cortona can go suck a banana & more!
We take you to LinuxCon like never before. The container trend goes big and community leaders are taking bold stands & the debate that’s brewing. Plus a super thin Linux laptop, Google’s Linux router the OnHub, Munich to ditch Linux for Windows & more!
System76’s Serval WS is in house! Is the claim that a laptop can replace your desktop really true? We’ll find out! Plus the insane popularity of Chromebooks, how Google just gave a major boost to desktop Linux, looking back at 18 years of Gnome & more!
We take a deep dive into the basics of getting a home network up and running. It you’ve lived with whatever the ISP has given you have no fear. Plus Firefox has a major flaw, an update on the Jolla tablet, we discuss our big format experiment & more!