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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

How do two long-time Linux users react to trying Windows 10? This week we run Windows so you don’t have to. How does Windows 10 compare to the modern Linux desktop? It’s a review of Windows 10 like you won’t find anywhere else!
OSCON 2015 | LAS 375 July 27, 2015
It was a huge OSCON this year! We’ll feature some Linux powered gadgets, amazing hardware & our interview with Todd Weaver, the man behind Purism Librem laptops. Plus thoughts on the Plasma Phone, the Linux distro adding secret watermarks to files & more!
The best remote desktop experience has never been easier, we’ll show you the power of X2Go with the security of SSH! Plus the push to kill flash picks up, Firefox OS fork “H5OS” gets a $100 million boost, how to watch Amazon Prime video under Linux & more
Take your Linux logins up to the next level with YubiKey. YubiKeys support one-time passcode, smart card & more. We’ll show you how to make it work with SSH under Linux. Plus our thoughts on NSA using Red Hat, the changes coming to openSUSE & more!
We share workflow tips, tools, tricks & backup techniques to super-charge your photography workflow under Linux. Plus the Pinos project promises to bring PulseAudio to video, how DirectX11 is coming to Linux, the Yotaphone upset, OwnCloud dreams & more!
Find out about the best software and hardware to make and take amazingly good sounding calls. Plus Google removes "always listening" from Chromium, The Linux Foundation invests some cash, why Red Hat’s CEO thinks Linux has “won” the datacenter & more!
The linux action show sits down to have a chat with Red Hat!
Exclusive interviews and coverage from SELF 2015. Find out the latest with the Ubuntu project, humble Linux advocacy & how the boundaries of science are being pushed by Linux. Plus A new MATE release, HP kills The Machine, updates on Unity 8 & more!
Who doesn't like a good party? Some folks will tell you that Linux is boring. This week we'll show you how you can have a very loud & bright time with Linux. Plus Valve officially pins down a Steam Machine launch date. More encryption for Linux & more!
Fedora 22 builds on top of the Fedora 21 release. Changes like DNF package manager, Gnome 3.16 & more! Plus why Mandriva shut down, SourceForge messes with GIMP, the Kubuntu drama we don’t want to talk about, great feedback, some helpful app picks & more!
Lead developer of Bodhi Linux, Jeff Hoogland, joins us to discuss this exciting distribution that showcases Enlightenment. Plus Canonical could be going public, but what will that mean for the desktop? Firefox OS see’s a major course change ahead & more!
We showcase the best in emulated gameplay experiences under Linux. A topic that sometimes is shrouded in shame is actually one of Linux’s strongest suits. Plus Oculus abandons their Linux backers, the next big Ubuntu phone ships & more!
We get the opportunity to talk to the Krita project. Can professional graphic design be done on Linux? Plus a viewer takes CentOS desktop challenge & we check in. CryEngine on Linux, Firefox OS in Africa, Snappy packages, Python 3 in Ubuntu & more!
The founder of Open Broadcaster joins to discuss the project, challenges they face & what the future holds. Plus how we made LFNW coverage Linux powered. A new alternative to systemd, a cheap Linux PC for everyone, three years of Steam & more!
Live from the floor of LinuxFest Northwest 2015, we chat with the new Microsoft about their new Linux attitude, chat with some familiar friends & take the pulse of the community. Plus an overview of the new distro releases, a historical app pick & more!
Poject #1 will finally be coming to a close. Recent changes in the MacOS system & key applications require the user to learn a new workflow, so Chris & Noah have begun the daunting task of converting Chris’ wife & long-time Mac user, Angela, to Linux.
We follow the journey of users who have just made the switch to Linux. We document what went great & what hasn’t worked. Plus a big announcement is made, great news for Ubuntu MATE, a quick look at Elementary OS Freya Beta & more!
Have you ever thought it’s better to create a job then apply for one? This week we dive into what it takes to build a business that runs on & supports open source. Plus Microsoft’s surprise move, openSUSE jumps ahead, running Android apps on Linux & more
We take a look at remote desktop on Linux. We go behind the scenes to see how Linux can be used to remotely suppor at scale. Plus is SteamOS diverging too far from Debian? LibreOffice has big online plans, Gnome 3.16 is out, tons of Kodi follow up & more!
We look at the latest release of Kodi, formerly known as XBMC. Discuss the projects current state, and what the future release holds. Plus the BQ Ubuntu Touch devices runs into some GPL issues, Microsoft’s Secure Boot policy change, our picks & more!