The Linux Action Show! Video

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Video versions of The Computer Action Show! A show that covers everything geeks care about in the computer industry. Get a solid dose of Linux, gadgets, news events and much more!

Join us as we revisit some retro topics from the archives!
Two members of the elementary OS project join us to discuss the recent dust up around their blog post asking for more funding from their users. We ask the hard questions you’ve been wondering, get the latest from the project, talk about the future & more
The Co-creators of a Linux distro that allows you to harness some of the most powerful open source security software join us to discuss Enterprise grade security for the masses. Plus building your own ideal Linux laptop, the Yolla Tablet surprise & more!
What are the best options for non-coders and developers to contribute to their favorite open source project? We discuss. Plus the common ways the Ghost vulnerability is being exploited, how you can do your taxes under Linux & a few surprises!
The main developer and founder of Trisquel GNU/Linux Ruben Rodriguez joins us to discuss the projects mission, the headwinds it faces, what the future holds & their new focus on privacy. Plus a mini-review of KDE Plasma 5.2 desktop & more!
Deepin Linux might just be one of the freshest takes on the desktop this year. We review this compelling Ubuntu based alternative. Plus: The Steam bug that leaves you fresh and clean, some great new open source releases, goodbye Photoshop & more!
Developer of the MATE desktop & more, Stefano Karapetsas joins us to discuss the projects transition to GTK3, balancing traditional desktop design with new features & the big challenges facing MATE. Plus a huge announcement! & more!
Greg Kroah-Hartman long time Linux kernel developer and maintainer of a few subsystems you depend on joins us to discuss the pace of Linux’s development, third party involvement, the rolling future & what gets him excited about Linux & more!
With 2015 around the corner we own up to our predictions for 2014, we admit to what we got wrong, and what we got right. Then we look forward to 2015 and go on the record for the big developments we expect to see. Plus our picks & your feedback!
We take a look back at the history of the Linux Action Show along with the audience and pick out some of our best moments plus a few bits of JB News. AND SO MUCH MORE! All this week on, The Linux Action Show!
We talk with five debs from the Fedora project behind some of the recent work that has seen a major release in Fedora 21 & more. Plus Dustin Kirkland from Canonical joins us to explain what Ubuntu Snappy Core is & some of it’s killer new features.
Lennart Poettering shares the origins of systemd, thoughts on community reactiosn & ideas on a universal software installer. Plus Brandon Philips, co- found of CoreOS, talks Rocket & Matthew Miller from the Fedora project talks about the Fedora 21 release
Mark Shuttleworth sits down to reflect on 10 years of Ubuntu, the state of the Debian community, their efforts with Mir & the systemd switch. Plus Mint 17.1, the Debian fork is looking for funds, FreeBSD’s plans to compete with systemd & more!
Charlie Reisinger the pioneer of an forward looking program to give every student a Linux laptop joins us. Find out how they integrate the students into the IT program. Plus the Jolla tablet is real, Ubuntu Phone rumors get white hot & more!
We chat with three developers that are making the Linux desktop look even better, from building hardware to working with upstream & we cover some exciting announcements. Plus Linux makes Docker relevant, a tour of some new Ubuntu MATE features & more!
We look a the Lumina desktop with it's creator, Ken Moore. Plus the rumor mill is hot with predictions of an Ubuntu based Tablet shipping very soon.the huge performance gain coming to Haswell Graphics users, the big Debian drama over the weekend & more!
Is openSUSE 13.2 the best distro to take advantage of tomorrow’s Linux tools today? We set out to live in openSUSE 13.2 & share our results. Plus China’s big switch to Linux gets official, one of the best open source talks we’ve ever seen & more!
Our interviews, stories, and adventures from Ohio LinuxFest 2014. The big show traveled to Columbus Ohio & we came away with some great stories, friends, and interviews. Plus the big news for openSUSE, Oculus Linux users get some love & more!
We review the major flavors of Ubuntu 14.10. We review everything from Kubuntu to the MATE Edition of Ubuntu 14.10, plus Linus responds to the culture of hostility claims, Plasma 5’s big update, Docker’s surprising news, a new AAA game for Linux & more
Our guide to moving your Plex, btsync, SmokePing, and others to a new Linux server. And our take on how the Intel NUC performs as a home server with heavy Plex usage, big new distro features, DRM discussions & more!