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A podcast of the live recording aired Wednesday nights, 8:30 estd. We discuss a varried range of topics mostly focusing on GNU/Linux and FOSS. We frequenty have industry guests. A good time is had by all!

Joels new bed, aur troubles, power pc and linux
docker swarm, single board computers, kubernetes
A lot going on, ms office sucks
SELF 2018 show recording
SELF 2018 recap
Ready for SELF 2018
Chromebooks, games, and containers
quarter pound of meat
big group, good times
System76, Jenkins, Google, Avengers
documentation sucks, jenkins, raspian, s7 sucks, gimp, ubuntu
Vivaldi, window managers, satellite internet
ISP plans, networking, bread making, joy
ubiquiti usg, netgear 16 port gb switch, lifting gloves, star trek discovery, marketpro shows
routers, flashing the TM-AC1900, Godzilla
Car talk, specter and meltdown, routers and switches, containerization, TV shows
TV shows, home automation, printers, ti994A
Home improvement, bidets, linux journal is back, mesh networking, home automation
Home automation with Home Automation Assistant. David joins us tonight, brick and mortar stores.
xmllint, bluetooth, datacenter costs, cars