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A podcast of the live recording aired Wednesday nights, 8:30 estd. We discuss a varried range of topics mostly focusing on GNU/Linux and FOSS. We frequenty have industry guests. A good time is had by all!

solr, zookeeper, android, websites suck
it is always a mystery, not what it seems to be
updates, raspberry pi, ubuntu subsystem on windows 10
vmware automation, snapd, flatpak
Dan returns and talks about his new job, locustio and saml tokens, pokemon go.
Chris and Luke join us from the Eoma68 project.
CouchBase, Chef, Scalr, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, Star Wars, Marvel
chrome bit, updated chrome cast, barebones systems, fallout 4
debian, ubuntu derivates, couchbase, ordering services, zaman drive enclosure
docker, registry services, ubuntu 15.10, redhat, chromeos, android
devops build pipeline, teamcity, rich does his own brakes
Windows 10 what a mess, charcoal chimney, node.js
savewifi revisted, burgers, marshmallow
OLF recap, volkswagen, chef, memory, openfoss training
Scale 15x, kodi on raspberri pie,
so much stuff
raspberri pi 2, chef, vagrant
radioshack, chef, vagrant, pegwole
lxde, weather, antennas, chef server
run level 5, gnome woes, kodi, streaming services