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A podcast of the live recording aired Wednesday nights, 8:30 estd. We discuss a varried range of topics mostly focusing on GNU/Linux and FOSS. We frequenty have industry guests. A good time is had by all!

Ultima Thule, steam games - borderlands 2 and pre-sequel, all sorts of goodness
bash exploit oh no, other stuff, ruby
good hosting, minecraft, snort, network monitoring,marvel,star wars, space
Let the good times role, android, linux distro splitting, apple
Special Guest Hugh Greenburg from, nexus 5
Allan is here
Russ Pavlicek returns to the show
Special Guest Ihor Kolodyuk from Jelastic, Rehat 7
Joel on L, pegwoles studio, automotive linux
LXQT, hardware woes, watches, joel is rich
What a mess
linux luddites, linuxlugcast, arduino, android, other good stuff
various junk, computer programming classes, godzilla
We four, btsync from the command line, android, habit rpg, knoppix
Rus Pavlicek - Xen
btsync, android storage access changes, olf
Kevin Obrien joins us tonight to talk about Penguicon
dan codes, ibeacon, opensource cold fusion, computers and tablets
dann stinks, arch linux, enlightenment
enlightenment 18, soda stream, movies, nokia ancient tablet, pengiun pocket wee