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Want to hear from the authors, artists, creative thinkers and business leaders shaping your world? Hosts Andrew Tuck and Robert Bound present just that on our longest-running radio programme.

Author Jeremy Gavron discusses his new book ‘Felix Culpa’, we preview the latest edition of ‘Monocle’ magazine with Chiara Rimella and Josh Fehnert, and learn about the story of British ice-skating pioneer and gold medalist John Curry with filmmaker James Erskine, director of new documentary ‘The Ice King’.


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Engineer Roma Agrawal joins us to discuss her book ‘Built: The Hidden Stories Behind Our Structures’, we also hear from music legend Ryuichi Sakamoto about his career and collaborations, and discuss how to capture the American experience on camera with photographer Paul Graham.
We speak to neuroscientist Antonio Damasio about his new book ‘The Strange Order of Things’, which looks at the role feelings play in the workings of the body and mind. Plus: freediver Hanli Prinsloo explains the benefits of a life spent near water and we learn why London’s Sadlers Wells ...
We meet Ghislaine Wood, one of the creators of the V&A; Museum’s new exhibition “Ocean Liners: Speed and Style”. Plus: film-maker Brett Morgen discusses his latest production “Jane”, which celebrates the life and career of primatologist Jane Goodall, and we learn the story of the Moroccan city of Agadir with ...
Behaviour and business specialist Daniel Pink talks about his book: ‘When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing’. Plus, director of hit film ‘Raw’ Julia Ducournau discusses why French filmmaking is on the ascendant and we learn the story of the world’s favourite drink with Jeff Koehler, author of ‘Where the ...
Author, historian and journalist Laura Shapiro discusses her book ‘What She Ate: Six Remarkable Women and the Food That Tells Their Stories’. Plus, we learn how to build a computer with Alex Klein, co-founder of technology startup Kano, and find out how it’s possible – and whether it’s sensible – ...
Alice Black, co-director of London’s Design Museum, discusses what makes for good design in 2018 and this month’s nominations for the Beazley designs of the year. We also welcome back Travis Elborough to talk about his new book – ‘Our History of the 20th Century’ – and meet social-health and ...
Lookahead to 2018 Jan. 7, 2018
For the first edition of ‘The Monocle Weekly’ of 2018 we’re joined by our bureau staff from Tokyo, Toronto and New York to discuss a global spread of themes and stories to look out for over the next 12 months.
We listen back to some of our favourite conversations from 2017, featuring Yasmeen Ismail, Booker T Jones, Phyllida Lloyd, Sudan Archives and more.
Recalling a great 20th-century design innovation, our editor in chief wonders if true progress has been grounded by technological mores.
Monocle’s Sophie Grove and Marie-Sophie Schwarzer discuss how to make great architecture in snowbound settings.
We discuss the history of Christmas with Judith Flanders, meet birdsong expert Richard Smyth, enjoy some winter sports in Slovenia and learn about a Christmas Eve tradition in Iceland with Eliza Reid.
Our editor in chief anticipates another full and varied festive itinerary as long-established seasonal customs continue to evolve and expand.
Special 3: Ice work Dec. 20, 2017
Monocle’s Guy de Launey visits a fearless group of ice climbers near Ljubljana in Slovenia.
We discuss how to refresh Christmas cooking with writer and chef Lisa Markwell. Plus, a Christmas market in Italy that’s revitalising one town’s winter calendar and we learn why the sauna is a big part of the Finnish identity with Pasi Remsu and Markus Hippi.
From issue two of ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’ newspaper, our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé helps you get in the spirit of Christmas.
This week on ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’, we’ll be hearing from Govone in the northwest of Italy, where our correspondent Ivan Carvalho has been enjoying the town’s annual Christmas market.
We get into the holiday spirit with Patricia Michelson, founder of La Fromagerie cheese shop, who talks us through the perfect seasonal cheeseboard. We also hear from Tromsø in northern Norway, where Monocle’s Melkon Charchoglyan has been meeting reindeer herders, and we meet Brett Wolstencroft of London’s Daunt Books, to ...
We talk to evolutionary biologist Beth Shapiro about whether it might ever be possible to bring back extinct creatures such as the woolly mammoth – and what developments in this field mean for creatures currently roaming the Earth.
In the first of his regular columns from ‘The Monocle Winter Weekly’ newspaper, our editor in chief Tyler Brûlé explains why the festive season is a time to remember the advantages of traditional retail over online marketplaces. [Read more](/newspaper/).