The Oddcast with Matt Jones and Gregg Doyel

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A sports Podcast by two loud-mouth writers for on all the sports issues that matter and many that don't.

6 06/06/11: Oddcast June 6, 2011

Matt and Gregg discuss the NBA Finals and Gregg's dust-up with Heat star Lebron James.


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Matt and Gregg talk to Brooks from Sports by Brooks about his rise in the media world, the Ohio State scandal, and being critical of other writers. Also, Matt and Greg talk about the NBA Finals.
5 05/31/11 Oddcast May 31, 2011
Matt Jones and Gregg Doyel discuss the Ohio State football scandal and the resignation of Jim Tressel. They bring on Bruce Wholey of Fox Sports Ohio to talk about the recent developments in Columbus.
5 05/05/11 Oddcast May 5, 2011
Matt Jones and Gregg Doyel discuss the retirement of Gary Williams and the NFL lockout, plus Gus Johnson leaving CBS. Desmond Howard joins the guys in the 2nd half of the show as a guest ...
4 04/29/11 Oddcast April 29, 2011
Matt Jones and Gregg Doyel recap the 1st round of the NFL Draft, talk about the NFL Labor Situation and discuss new rules for college basketball early entrants.
4 04/25/11 Oddcast April 25, 2011
Matt Jones and Gregg Doyel talk about the NBA Playoffs, NBA Draft, and the potential for a great college basketball season.
4 04/18/11 Oddcast April 18, 2011
Matt Jones and Greg Doyel talk about early entrants into the NBA Draft, the potential NFL Draft ramifications from the strike, and they welcome in Adrian Wojnarowski to talk about his early impression