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We talk motorcycles, riding, touring, tech, maintenance and everything else you can think of.

Episode 220 August 17, 2016 This week we talk to Steve Grasso of The Cafe Racer Podcast all about his trip up the continental divide with a group that included two brand new riders. You don't want to miss … Continue reading ->


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Episode 214: AIMExpo Wrap-up November 4, 2015 AIMExpo discussion. Some very cool stuff. Gibbs Sport Amphibians Go Puck Helite airbag system Schuberth E1 modular helmet Sena Links: Wheelnerds AIMExpo Round Table Cafe Ra[...]
Episode 213 October 12, 2015 Catching up for lost time. We read feedback. All the feedback. Ever. And talk about some AIMExpo teases. Feedback: Justin Eagle (from July) Kurt Wahtera Scott Bolton Matt Campe (Springfield, IL) Jeff Kirchman (I like[...]
Episode 212 – Harleys at bike week October 5, 2015 Let’s get caught up on the last month off Catch up topics (any, all or none of these are fine by me): OC Bike week My brother bought a Harley – at bike week Chris is back on a cruiser[...]
Episode 211: I Say No! Sept. 7, 2015
Episode 211 September 3rd, 2015 News: Honda Africa Twin pricing Yamaha MT-03 Honda CB300F Royal Enfield in the USA Links: LoudPipes podcast Episode 20 Feedback: Lamar Fowler Allan Lessard Richard Warfield Aaron Brown The[...]
Episode 210 July 26, 2015 News Africa Twin officially hits the Honda site in the US Yamaha’s XSR700 roadster Links Zero S Honda NM4 Motorcycle Men Podcast Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe
Episode 209 – You know nothing, John Snow! July 8, 2015 Chris discusses his shoulder surgery recovery, in case you’re not sick of hearing about it already. The guys get all caught up on the happenings in life, including James having a new jo[...]
Episode 208 June 18, 2015 Review John Jones discusses his Motus test ride Links Chip Foose Pratt & Miller automotive engineering Motus Facebook page Motus website Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe
Episode 207 – Physics is everywhere, redux! June 3rd, 2015 Punchy and prickly, James and Chris bring you all the news… or some of the news… a little bit of news… something. Anyway, the guys talk about stuff like the new Z800 and lane splitti[...]
Episode 206 May 20, 2015 Feedback Justin Eagle Brian Messex Jorge Pena Jeff Kirchman Charlie Harrington Thomas Mehren Theme music composed and performed by Raoul Lowe I had some issues with recording levels this week. I did everything [...]
Episode 205 – The K is silent May 17, 2015 Quick updates Two more votes for US-based riders preferring left turns. One was fearful of running wide in a right turn, the other is ambivalent on regular turns, but in U-turns, greatly prefers le[...]
Episode 204 – Chris’s tech-day bike wash in a bikini. May 6, 2015 James reviews a thing. Chris talks about riding a thing. THINGS! Then there’s feedback, because the listeners love the guys and like to send them emails talking about things.[...]
April 26, 2015. VACATION! April 26, 2015
Get out and ride!
Episode 203 April 19, 2015 News Erik Buell Racing closes up Links Motorcycle Men Adventure Sports Podcast Liberty Beard Balm Racetech gold valve setup Feedback Nick Tasker William Steadham Steven Axtell Blaine Johnson JR Theme music com[...]
Episode 202 – Podcasters who have gone on a tangent and those who will April 12, 2015 This week the guys discuss the existential crisis of math as it pertains… ya know what? None of that happens. We do ramble on about the potential coo[...]