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The Personal Computer Radio Show is on Wednesday nights 6 to 7PM on The host is Hank Kee.

August 28 Show Aug. 28, 2013
Technical problems in the studio. NASDAQ computer problems. David warns that the Internet is not very secure. The US announced it is going to attack Syria - an approach Hank disagreed with. Who is Anonymous? Hank and David debate the meaning of terrorism. Credit reporting. Deposits on rental apartments. Cash …
August 21 Show Aug. 21, 2013
David went to BlackHat and DefCon. Groklaw and Lavabit are secure email systems. David gave up on computer security, saying it is impossible. Hacking cars, RFID cards and power meters. Microsoft issued buggy patches. Listener phone calls.
August 14 Show Aug. 14, 2013
An update to Android from Google lets you find lost Android devices. Windows bug fixes. Cloud backups. The lost interview with Bill Gates from 1986. No listener phone calls.
August 7 Show Aug. 7, 2013
The show starts its 31st year. Fund raising. Guest: Amanda Del Balso of Google.
No show July 31 July 31, 2013
No show this week, pre-empted for fund raising.
July 24 Show July 24, 2013
Fund raising. No more PC World magazine. David's hair situation. Hank converted from Time Warner cable to Verizon FIOS. 3D printing. A review of a BlueTooth speaker. No listener phone calls.
July 17 Show July 17, 2013
No David Perry. No show July 31st. Mobile malware. ReKey for Android. Joe reviewed a network range extender from Amped. Listener phone calls.
July 10 Show July 10, 2013
Adobe is renting software. Consumers Union has an update on printer ink. New .nyc domain suffix. David on testing antivirus programs. If you get a virus, re-install Windows. Alta Vista died. The Kaypro 10. CNET's jumped the shark. No listener phone calls.
July 3 Show July 3, 2013
David is going to a conference. NSA whistleblowers. Everyone is spying. Why people spill the beans. Scam phone calls to remove a virus. WBAI staff layoffs. Privacy. Listener phone calls.
June 26 Show June 26, 2013
Technical problems. Personal privacy. Working around problems with our studio phone lines. Beta of Windows 8.1 coming soon, still no Start button. NYC will get 25 solar re-charging stations. Marty Winston reviews a gun book. Hank reviewed a scanner. On Edward Snowden, privacy and data leakage.
May 8 Show May 8, 2013
Fund raising. Gun made with a 3D printer. Some Tivo software will soon not be free. FTC consumer information. Credit report scams. Job scams. Hank uses Windows 8 but only after configuring it to look and act like Windows 7. Rasberry Pi.
May 1 Show May 1, 2013
Web browser market share. OS market share. A spy program masquerades as Firefox. David Perry on authentication. Cellphone service in the subway. Part 3 of Hanks series on building your own PC. Listener phone calls.
April 24 Show April 24, 2013
There were lots of defective iPhones made by Foxcon. There is lots of malware in the Play Store. The Google search engine filters out malware much better than Bing. 3D printing. Listener phone calls.
April 17 Show April 17, 2013
A bad patch to Windows. News about Li-ion batteries. Gory hardware details on building your own computer. David explained how to remove viruses. Listener phone calls.
April 10 Show April 10, 2013
Apple is selling a refurbished iMac. Government requesting data from Apple and Google. The cloud and privacy. SSDs. Building your own PC. The guys argue about memory parity. Listener phone calls.
April 3 Show April 3, 2013
No more fundraising. Computer security: educate users, default deny (whitelisting) and patch frequently. Android tablets. Blank web pages. Hank re-lives 1984. Using internal hard drives externally. Rotating backups. Rasberry Pi. There is a Chromebook in Hanks family. Gay marriage. No listener phone calls.
March 13 Fund Raising March 13, 2013
Fund raising. Beware that the WBAI donation website, is NOT secure. The only safe way to donate to WBAI is by mailing a check to: WBAI, PO box 7032, Church street station, NY, NY 10008. Joe and Hank are now officially whistleblowers. No listener phone calls.
March 6 Fund Raising March 6, 2013
Fund raising. No listener phone calls.
Fund raising. No listener phone calls.
First show from the new studio at CCNY. Audio quality is poor. Fund raising. No listener phone calls.