The Phones Show (MP4 version)

by Steve Litchfield · · · · 40 subscribers

The Phones Show (previously The Smartphones Show) is a television programme all about phones, but broadcast over the Internet, using the likes of iTunes and RSS, now in its TWELFTH year! A new show will be available every few weeks. The Show is aimed at anyone who's either just purchased or is about to purchase a smartphone. This is the feed for the (now) 540p width, low bitrate version, aimed at playback on smaller mobiles and handheld devices - higher resolution versions are available on the 'stevelitchfield' YouTube channel.

Symbian's Right to Reply, News, User story
iPhone Top 10 apps, Intro to the Nokia N900, News, User story
Review of the HTC HD2, Top smartphone eBay bargains
News, A User Story, Review of the Nokia N97 mini, Top 10 Android apps
93 The Phones Show programme 93 Oct. 29, 2009
News of BlackBerrys, Google Maps Navigation, User Testimony, Autumn Top 5 Phones
92 The Phones Show programme 92 Oct. 12, 2009
Brief news, Part 2 of my security feature, Hands-on review of the Nokia 5730 XpressMusic, Invite to submit your own 1 minute testimonies, Rant about a unique device...
91 The Phones Show programme 91 Sept. 26, 2009
News, A comparison of smartphone App Stores, Why the Nokia E75 means never having to be afraid(!) and the winner of my Nokia N97 competition announced!
90 The Phones Show programme 90 Sept. 15, 2009
Extended news (four new QWERTY smartphones), Hands-on review of the HTC Hero
89 The Phones Show programme 89 Sept. 4, 2009
Extended news, Hands-on reviews of the Nokia E52 and E55, Announcement of The Phones Show Chat
88 The Phones Show programme 88 Aug. 22, 2009
Mini-reviews of the HTC Magic and LG KS360, Touch versus Button-driven phones - FIGHT!
User testimonies from The Phones Show audience, ALL those sent in before the deadline were published!
86 The Phones Show programme 86 July 26, 2009
Extended News, Gotta have Qwerty, Digital zoom demo on the Nokia N86, Verdict on the Samsung i8910 HD
HTC Hero and Nokia update news, Review of Apple iPhone 3GS hardware and Steve's comments!
84 The Phones Show programme 84 June 30, 2009
A Symbian special - the Nokia E75 reprised, hands-on review of the Nokia N86 8MP and an interview with Lee Williams, Executive Director of the Symbian Foundation
83 The Phones Show programme 83 June 20, 2009
News, Review of the HTC Touch Pro 2, including a head-to-head with the Nokia N97, plus a tour around cross-platform case makers , Proporta
News, including iPhone 3GS, Hands-on review of the retail Nokia N97 and a June 2009 'Top 5'
News, The Truth about Mobile Malware, In depth coverage of Skyfire cross-platform web browser 1.0
80 The Phones Show programme 80 April 30, 2009
Review of the Nokia E75; Demo of Xenon-equipped smartphones; Top 10 of iPhone gaming; Brief interview with Rafe Blandford
79 The Phones Show programme 79 April 15, 2009
Mevio {Mevio-73a9ca5a823791241476e00acf6bd35e} Test
78 The Phones Show programme 78 March 18, 2009
March Top 5 Phones, plus a hands-on, detailed preview of the Samsung Omnia HD, the highest-specified phone in the world