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Bomani Jones weighs in on sports, pop culture, social topics and much more from NYC.

Bomani and Spencer Hall look back on the National Championship and examine just what a perfect storm LSU's miraculous season was (1:17). They also get into why what Clemson has accomplished is just as unique (17:29), Odell's $100 handshakes post-game (28:39), coach Ed Orgeron's ties with the Governor's office in Louisiana (37:05), the chances we'll see Bobby Petrino back in CFB (45:24) and more. Plus, why Eminem was the last person in the world to "get" the internet (1:02:02).



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Cheating The Game Jan. 14, 2020
Bomani reacts to LSU's big win over Clemson in the National Championship, including just how far the program as well as coach Ed Orgeron have come to get here (1:24). Punishment has been handed down to the Astros for "stealing signs", Bo dishes on why "d
Bomani and Domonique Foxworth discuss the effectiveness of the "Rooney Rule" in the aftermath of Joe Judge's hire in New York (3:38). They weigh in on why it shouldn't be up to people of color to "solve" the problem of the lack of minority head coached i
Old People Playbook Jan. 7, 2020
Bomani weighs in on the hiring of Mike McCarthy by the Cowboys, including the reported night he spent over at Jerry Jones' house to seal the deal (1:57). Nobody wants to say Tom Brady is washed, but Bo will say it (14:02). Plus, enjoying the misfortune o
Bomani is joined by former The Right Time producer Shannon Penn in the last episode of 2019 to chat about his sorry Giants (1:02), the parallels between Dave Gettleman and Tom Coughlin (12:07), if Philip Rivers is done (28:25) and the Super Bowl picture
Urban Dictionary Dec. 17, 2019
Bomani weighs in on the possibility that Urban Meyer may return to coaching in the NFL (0:38), controversy surrounding several cadets from College GameDay at Army-Navy (19:15) and radio host Tom Joyner's retirement as it relates to #BlackFamous (31:17).
Mina Kimes Dec. 12, 2019
Bomani and Mina Kimes break out the receipts on Lamar Jackson and discuss how predictable (or not) his rise has been (2:45) as well as how he compares to other QB's from that draft class in Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen. Plus, how Joe Burrow fits the "Jo
Bomani weighs in on more accusations of spying by the Patriots and admires the dedication despite what it may mean for their legacy (0:38). He also shares why he can sympathize with Odell Beckham Jr. for wanting out of Cleveland (10:42) and why we may be
Bomani dishes on comments made by 49ers radio analyst Tim Ryan about Lamar Jackson's "blackness" (0:35) and LSU QB Joe Burrow's long goodbye to the student section since "he never really sees them" in class (16:12). Plus, Fat Joe joins the show to discus
This Is the Standard Dec. 3, 2019
Bomani weighs in on why there's historical precedence at Alabama for coaches being on the hotseat despite legendary success in regards to Nick Saban as well as the situation for Jim Harbaugh at Michigan (0:40). Why Josh Shaw seems to have no idea when to
In a collaboration between Banner Society and The Right Time, Bomani is joined by Spencer Hall of Banner Society (5:38), Marcus Spears of ESPN (29:21), Steven Godfrey also of Banner Society (52:25) and Joel Anderson of Slate (1:23:25) for the first editi
ESPN's Howard Bryant Nov. 21, 2019
Howard Bryant shares with Bomani what his weekend in Atlanta for Colin Kaepernick's workout was like (0:30). What was the NFL's position and how did it conflict with Colin's? Howard spoke with the NFL Thursday morning to sift through the unknown (10:32).
Bomani goes level-by-level on Kaepernick's workout in Atlanta, including the NFL's intentions and why we're running out of excuses as to why he can't play in the league (0:40). Why Carmelo Anthony deserves to finish with dignity in Portland (21:29) and r
On Sunday, we will see one of the most anticipated match-ups of the NFL season - Deshaun Watson taking on Lamar Jackson. The last time these QBs faced off, they were in college. Watson on his way to winning a national championship with Clemson. Jackson a
Author Dan Piepenbring shares how he got the job of helping Prince write his memoir "The Beautiful Ones" (1:00). Where did they begin (7:10)? He and Bomani discuss the way in which Prince wanted to address race as a theme in the book (13:54), what surpri
Hustlin' Backwards Nov. 12, 2019
Bomani dishes on why Ed Orgeron's postgame exploits and the beat down delivered to Alabama by LSU has reignited a rivalry of legendary proportions (0:37), why the NCAA is "hustlin' backwards" with James Wiseman at Memphis (12:13) also why Bo dominating i
DJ Premier Nov. 7, 2019
DJ Premier of Gang Starr joins Bomani to chat about his upbringing in Houston (0:30), moving to New York, meeting MC Guru and joining his group as the DJ (7:45), developing his own style as a producer (18:05), the working friendship he's developed with D
Bomani dishes on the moment of no return for Lamar Jackson haters and why it cements the "year of the black quarterback" (0:36), as well as what remains suspect about Willie Taggart's firing from Florida State (16:34). Plus, Steven Godfrey of SB Nation's
Joel Anderson Oct. 31, 2019
Joel Anderson of Slate joins Bomani to chat about his new project "Slow Burn" Season 3: the unsolved murders of Tupac Shakur and the Notorious B.I.G. (0:29). They dish on episode one, which centers on the night that Tupac got shot five times in a New Yor
Who's Got Jokes? Oct. 29, 2019
Bomani weighs in on saltiness from the Warriors with losing and Steve Kerr has it in him to coach a bad team (0:39), breaks down Anthony Davis telling LeBron to fix his hair piece and what it says about their relationship thus far (11:03) as well as John