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No one does a better job of explaining technology, computers, and the Internet than Leo Laporte. This feed contains the full audio of his twice weekly radio talk show as heard on stations all over the US on the Premiere Radio Networks. For show notes and more visit Records live weekends at 2:06pm Eastern / 11:06am Pacific / 18:06 UTC.

The Tech Guy (Video HI) Staying connected while traveling the country. Troubleshooting a laptop unable to connect to the Internet, Chromebook options, why a caller has to boot up their PC twice, why Windows Defender the only anti-virus software you really need on your Windows machine, troubleshooting an eero router, Sam Abuelsamid and the OTA Ford F150, Chris Marquardt and PickOnePhoto, and more of your calls! Host: Leo Laporte Guests: Sam Abuelsamid and Chris Marquardt Download or subscribe to this show at For detailed show notes, visit


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