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Amity Shlaes returns to the show to discuss her new book on Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, which -- to say the least -- failed to live up to its promises. Sponsor: Sanebox helps you overcome the mental angst associated with an overflowing email inbox by
Last night's Democratic debate was more interesting than some of the others, partly because of the attacks on Bernie and partly because everyone was dying to see whether Bloomberg could recover from his disastrous performance last week. The result is one
Gerard Casey, who taught logic at University College, Dublin, for 30 years, joins us to discuss some common logical fallacies we regularly encounter. Learn logic and other subjects with Gerard Casey, Tom Woods, and other great libertarian academics at...
I talk about (the horrendous) Mike Bloomberg and what he might have said in the debate, and also cover the Bernie Sanders phenomenon: his struggle against the Democratic establishment, and what's liable to happen if he gets elected. Sponsor: Harry's - htt
We wrap up Walter Block week with a glance through his enormous list of publications and picking out interesting topics for libertarians: punishment theory, conjoined twins, the death penalty, and more, as well as a sneak preview of Defending the Undefend
Walter Block week continues with this episode about Walter's experience suing the New York Times for libel, after they misrepresented his comments in what had to be a deliberate act of journalistic malpractice. But what does libertarian theory have to say
We continue Walter Block week with a discussion of the second Defending the Undefendable book, and cover the corporate raider, the multinational enterpriser, the picket-line crosser, the hatchet man, the human organ merchant, and more. Show notes for Ep.
Today we discuss Walter's classic work, Defending the Undefendable. The rogues gallery Walter seeks to rehabilitate in this episode includes the middleman, the slumlord, the speculator, and more. Sponsor: Skillshare - Show not
Walter Block must be the most prolific living libertarian, with over 600 peer- reviewed articles, more than 30 books, and thousands of popular articles to his credit. In this first episode of Walter Block week, we get into Walter's own history, from his hi
Scott Horton, the great libertarian foreign-policy expert, returns to the show to discuss the state of the campaign for the Libertarian Party's presidential nomination, and the prospects for having a spokesman who knows, loves, and can persuasively defend
Euro Pacific Capital's Peter Schiff joins me to take listener questions (submitted via my private group), including (1) what sectors tend to get hit the hardest or hit the least during downturns, including our next one? (2) what can people who aren't...
The great Dominic Frisby joins me to discuss how he successfully lampooned the elitists who pushed the Remain cause on the British, and defended the Brexiteers. Plus libertarianism, comedy, and how (if at all) a comedian can come back after bombing. Show
Mark Jeftovic, CEO of easyDNS and cryptocurrency enthusiast, says yes, and in his new book and in our conversation today he describes the approach all of us should take, regardless of how obviously inoffensive what you're saying might be. Sponsor: Blinkis
Gene Epstein joins me to discuss the problems associated with protectionism, industrial policy, and the overall package of economic nationalism.
Income inequality has been a hot topic in recent years, but nearly everyone gets it wrong. Here are the real facts, and the best way for libertarians -- or anyone -- to think about them. Sponsor: This election season, trust C-SPAN to give you an unfiltere
This episode builds on the discussion in episode 1584 about the primary, and devastating, argument against socialism, namely the one developed by Ludwig von Mises that involves the impossibility of economic calculation under socialism. Today I explain why
We've heard Greta Thunberg's angry, apocalyptic warnings about the problems arising from climate change. Now economist Paul Krugman says she's closer to the economics than her critics are. What's the right way to think about all this? Sponsor: This electi
In 1920 Ludwig von Mises published "Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth," an article that demolished the foundations of socialism in its original, no-private-property-in-the-means-of-production form. In this episode I explain Mises' thesis,
The demonization of people we disagree with has reached a level of us few of us could have conceived of a generation ago -- or indeed even five years ago. Thinking about this reminded me of several other things I think libertarians (and all people, includ
Phil Magness returns to discuss the sound and unsound aspects of the New York Times' 1619 Project. Topics include Lincoln and the colonization of the former slaves, the role of slavery in the American Revolution, and slavery's role in American prosperity.