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Watch award-winning documentary videos created by The Washington Post's multimedia team in HD. This is a high-definition (HD) podcast from The Washington Post, designed to be viewed on HD television and computer screens. The video is encoded at the highest specification that Apple TV supports.

When police recover a gun at a crime scene and want to know the last known owner, they send a trace request to the ATF's National Tracing Center in Martinsburg, W. Va. The center is an ever-growing repository of guns sales data from out of business dealers from across the country.


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The Changed brain Oct. 1, 2010
As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan go on, the number of traumatic brain injuries incurred by service members has risen dramatically. Doctors are finding that these injuries can permanently alter soldiers' personalities and forever impact their lives.
After metallic fragments from a rocket-propelled grenade penetrated his brain, Spc. Robert Warren forgot his wife was pregnant and could not remember the names of simple objects. We document four months of his recovery to see how doctors help him regain what he has lost.
After he sustained a traumatic brain injury in 2006, John Barnes came home with a different personality. He struggled with a drug habit and was unable to manage his finances and make good decisions. Barnes has since moved back in with his mother and now works with a life skills ...
Tim and Shannon Maxwell have worked to overcome the challenges their marriage now faces because of Tim's brain injury. Even as Tim struggles with how people see him differently after his injury, he works to help other combat-wounded soldiers.
Invisible wounds Oct. 1, 2010
When an explosion created a blast wave, Lance Cpl. Jeremy Mercado sustained a traumatic brain injury even though no objects penetrated his brain.
Ten years passed before the military provided Chris Lynch with proper treatment for the traumatic brain injury he incurred after he fell 26 feet from a platform during training exercises in 2000.
Operation: Conversation Sept. 19, 2010
The culmination of a four-week course in civil affairs is a role-playing field exercise on Quantico Marine Base for marines before they deploy to Afghanistan. The course transforms Camp Upshur into "Upshuristan" and aims to teach marines how to interact with local populations.
The District's fashionistas descended upon Georgetown for Fashion's Night Out. Georgetown's event featured over eighty stores, restaurants and salons with extended hours, special events and promotions. Vogue's Anna Wintour dreamed up the event last year in New York to revive a fashion industry hit hard by the economy. This year, ...
Video extras from Creating "Frank Cho's World:" The full take of photographer Andrew Cutraro's images from the shoot. Images by Andrew Cutraro / Redux.
Video extras from Creating "Frank Cho's World:" How does a line drawing become a life-sized 3-D set in two days? Watch a time-lapse of the entire two-day process from foam core and fishing wire to final flash.
Video extras from Creating "Frank Cho's World:" The creator of Liberty Meadows, which stars the curvy heroine Brandy, talks about his brand of sexual humor, animals and his career.
In two days, Frank Cho--aided by a small army of people--created a 3D set from a line drawing for the cover shoot of The Washington Post Magazine.
In the 15th episode of our personal style video series, people in historic Old Town Alexandria put an artistic spin on fashion.
Jason McGuire left his house this morning near Beach Drive in Northwest D.C. to get to his job at his family's funeral parlor. But a fast-moving thunderstorm left downed trees and power lines in its wake and blocked his usual route to work. He decided to try his luck crossing ...
Scene In: H Street July 28, 2010
The revitalized Atlas District, along H Street, NE serves up a slice of quirky with its deep-rooted neighborhood traditions.