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Militant claims of a mass execution in Iraq, a moving tribute in Moncton for lost Mounties and why our best soccer players go elsewhere.
Scores of Iraqis join the fight against surging militants, dozens dead in Ukraine and Iqaluit's smouldering pile of trash.
Quebec prisoners fly to freedom again, the RCMP ask Moncton residents to keep an eye out for evidence and Brazillians play for The People's Cup.
Residents of Moncton replace fear with resolve, looking ahead in Ukraine, and the beautiful game in beautiful Brazil
More details about the US POW swap with the Taliban; An arrest in the Jewish Museum murders; reaction to FIFA bribery allegations; and personal D-Day remembrances from Canadian soldiers.
Desmond Tutu visits Alberta and links the oil sands production to climate change -- calling it "negligence"; lone US POW is freed from Afghanistan after 5 years; Queen Elizabeth is beloved in France; and more.
Knowlton Nash remembered; the Pope prays at the wall; Ukraine election results; much more too.
Drive-by shootings kill six people in California; a charge of second degree murder in the death of Julie Paskall in Surrey BC; and a couple of big wins for Canadian films at Cannes.
Derek Stoffel reports from a Turkish village of 250 people that lost 11 men in the mine disaster, as prosecutors arrest suspects; landmines are a problem in Serbia's floods; anti-Chinese riots in Viet Nam; and much more.
Report from an emergency summit on the kidnapped Nigerian girls -- with a strong anti-Boko Haram consensus from African nations; The search for bodies in the Turkish coal mine ends; and Modi's victory in India. All this and much more.
Referendum chaos in Ukraine; first-hand stories of the kidnapped girls in Nigeria; demonstrators demand an inquiry into missing Aboriginal women in Canada; high-performance athletes who go vegan; and more.
A priest is murdered in St. Pauls Alberta; momentum gathers for action in kidnapping of Nigerian schoolgirls; Canada-wide science open house; and -- breakdancing inspires Tunisian teens.