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Good evening, I'm Peter Armstrong This is The World This Weekend. Tonight, A major storm washes out the trans-canada highway Wawa, Ontario. A wave of drug and corruption charges hit France's second largest city. And the cost of the NHL lock-out. Bar
Good evening, I'm Marcia Young. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight, The canonization of Kateri Tekakwitha The Lilly of the Mohawks, finally, a saint And Grief turns to anger in Lebanon. Protests in Beirut, following the funeral for an intelligen
Good evening, I'm Marcia Young This is The World This Weekend. Tonight, In Lebanon, the angry aftermath. The government fights to stay on, in the face of protests over a deadly attack. And later, Venezuela. Kidnapping and murder rates are among the hi
Good evening, I'm Marcia Young. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight,What does one say before jumping into history? Skydiver Felix Baumgartner breaks several records in his fall from space. And, XL Foods, a quiet giant in the beef industry. Looki
Good evening, I'm Marcia Young This is The World This Weekend. Tonight, Democracy, a delicate matter in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Speaking up, at The Francophone summit And later, Move over Rosie the Riveter, its Bonnie the Boilermaker's turn.
Good evening, I'm Dave Seglins. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight Venezulans go to the polls, could this be the end of Hugo Chavez's revolution? In Syria, Turkey fires more artillery across the border as fighting inside Syria intensifies. And a
Tonight: A former mob boss returns, but an expert warns there is no 'statute of limitations' that applies to settling mafia debts. So what's next for Vito Rizzutto? And -- at least a dozen people are injured when a Toronto bus bound for New York overtu
This is CBC News Good evening, I'm Peter Armstrong. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight Omar Khadr settles into life in Canada. By the thousands today, Canadians ran for the cure. But how close are we to a cure for cancer? And, Removing the stig
Good evening, I'm Peter Armstrong. This is The World This Weekend. Tonight, From Guantanamo Bay to Millhaven prison What now for Omar Khadr? A Protestant march in Belfast sparks fears of sectarian violence. And a Unique lawn care technique at a Barr
Good evening, I'm Marcia Young This is The World This Weekend. Tonight, Missing on Mount Manaslu 9 people dead and the search for six others after an avalanche in Nepal And, Share and share alike One diplomat two countires. Canada set to share embas
Tonight, From Egypt, an alleged Canadian connection to the film that has enraged muslims around the world. And, Same work, different pay A new deal to save jobs that some workers don't much like And later, How much does an Olympic medal really cost?
Tonight, Protests over a US film may be levelling off in the Muslim World. But not without reverberations in Egypt...where they began. Time to get back to work. What's in store when the House of commons resumes tomorrow? And time to roll up the red carpet, but not before the …
Tonight Turmoil in the Islamic world and now beyond. Fallout from a film. Also, Human trafficking, right here in Canada And the power of Peruvian food. How about ceviche for dinner ?
twtw sun sep 9 2012 Sept. 9, 2012
In a CBC News exclusive, Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praises Canada for severing diplomatic ties with Iran. In France, authorities have evicted more than one thousand Roma from makeshift camps over the past month. And an 82-year-old Canadian has won won more titles than all four U.S. Open- finalists …
twtw sat sep 8 2012 Sept. 8, 2012
A 25 year old Richmond B-C man will be in court next week. Yuan Xi Tang is charged with first degree murder in the death of his mother. Lianjie Guo's remains were found in a suitcase, near Powell River in July. Autopsy results have been released on four people murdered …
twtw sun sep 2 2012 Sept. 2, 2012
Polls continue to put the Parti Quebecois in the lead as voters in Quebec prepare to go to the polls Tuesday. In the U.S., Democrats get ready for their big political convention, which kicks off in North Carolina later this week. And in South Africa, the government drops murder charges …
twtw sat sep 1 2012 Sept. 1, 2012
Fifty years after the drug Thalidomide caused severe birth defects in thousands of babies, the manufacturer Grunenthal apologizes. But many victims dismiss the statement, calling it inadequate. And ten people have now died died as a result of an outbreak of legionnaires' disease in Quebec City.
twtw sun aug 26 2012 Aug. 26, 2012
People in the southern U.S. prepare for impact as tropical storm Isaac comes ashore in Florida. Meanwhile, Republicans gather in Tampa to officially nominate Mitt Romney as their candidate along with Paul Ryan, his running mate
twtw sat aug 25 2012 Aug. 25, 2012
The man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, has died at age 82. A tropical storm sweeps through to Haiti, heading to Florida, where Republicans are meeting amid a storm of their own. Canadian medical volunteers return home after being caught up in violence in Zimbabwe.
twtw sun aug 19 2012 Aug. 19, 2012
Annalise Carr becomes the youngest person to swim across Lake Ontario. It's a 52 kilometre swim that Carr did in 27 hours as a fundraiser for children with cancer. She climbs the ladder of the pier just seconds before our newscast begins. And across the Atlantic in Dieppe, veterans are …